Police: Drunken vandal went on West Seattle car-smashing spree

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SEATTLE -- West Seattle residents woke up Wednesday morning to an unwelcome site:

Car vandalism. And lots of it.

According to Seattle police, a single drunken vandal damaged cars in the early morning hours near an apartment complex on Raymond Street. The 31-year-old suspect then walked down California Avenue, striking more cars.

Nothing was stolen from the vehicles. Just lots of broken mirrors and smashed glass.

Police eventually caught up to the alleged vandal and arrested him. But that comes of little solace to the 10 or so car owners now looking to repair their vehicles.

"I'm just really mad, because I have to get to work," car owner Anna Koelle said. "This is not some thing I want to deal with. I'm really bummed."

Some neighbors said the destruction is not surprising, as the neighborhood is beginning to attract more trouble, especially during the night.