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Seahawks grant wish to Navy Lt. Commander battling cancer

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SEATTLE, Wash. -- Seahawks training camp is well underway. While the players are busy getting ready for the start of the season, the 12s are enjoying the action at the VMAC. But the Hawks are giving hope to one special fan in the face of adversity.

Navy Lieutenant Commander Jason Much considers himself the ultimate 12. When doctors discovered he had a rare brain tumor and a prognosis of only one year to live, there was no question how he wanted to spend it: watching his favorite football team.

That's when his wife Jennifer reached out to the Dream Foundation for one wish, which was for her husband to see the Seahawks up close. The Seahawks organization granted the wish, and invited Much and his family to a VIP experience at the Seahawks Training Camp.

They said it was just the experience they needed as Much is expected to keep fighting the cancer. He is scheduled for more chemotherapy treatments, and his doctors are looking for clinical trials.