Commentary: Goal Setting Key for Wagner, Wilson – And The 12s

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On the heels of the big news of the weekend – the Seahawks signing both Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner on longterm extensions to stay in Seattle, I start with my most important takeaway that has absolutely nothing to do with football.

Take a listen to Wilson’s account on Friday of a pre-draft flight back home to Virginia:

“I remember on the plane, drawing all my goals out. You know, I drew my everyday goals, professionally and all that. And I also drew out what I call my legendary goals – down the road, what do I want my life to look like. What do I want things to look like?”

Now listen to what Bobby Wagner said today on being the highest-paid linebacker – just two days later:
“I wrote it down on a notebook my senior year in college. And to have this day come together is definitely a blessing.”

I’m hardly a motivational speaker. But l look at two highly successful guys - two team leaders on each side of the ball and both of them just said the same exact thing: They wrote their goals down. And strove to fulfill them over the longterm.

That’s setting a pretty impressive example for all of us.

And not to repeat a theme from last week, but it’s another reason I have a hard time understanding the name-calling and vitriol that comes out – especially against guys like Wilson and Wagner and now with Kam Chancellor – when players appear to be in a stand-off against their organization. Yes, they’re high profile… and sure, many of us can’t see the difference between a couple million dollars. But it’s not a good enough reason to slam them on social media, when, at the end of the day, they’re good human beings at the very top of their profession, striving to achieve greatness.

If I’ve learned anything from the last week, it’s ridiculous that many of the same people ripping Wilson and Wagner for being greedy and selfish, are the same ones cheering at the top of their lungs when they ran out on the field after signing a new contract.

And the same ones bashing Kam Chancellor right now will be right back on his bandwagon when he returns, even if the Seahawks give in by rewarding him a little extra cash.

So why don’t we set some goals too:
1. Let’s give the players a break, and understand that holdouts and negotiations are simply part of the game
2. Let’s trust the Seahawks front office to get it all done, since they’ve been highly successful so far in keeping this team together
3. And let’s vow to root for the Mariners once they get new ownership. (Wait, how'd that get in there? Sorry about that...)

I understand that we all want what’s best for our teams. We’re all entitled to our opinions. But in the end, it’s hardly fair to take it out on the guys who are legitimate role models – on and off the field.

Three humble leaders - all successful and talented goal-setters. Before calling them out, it might be worth giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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