Not to be outdone… #WrinkleWednesday gives other Sounders FC dogs a run for their money

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SEATTLE — A few weeks ago, we told you that Seattle Sounders FC defender Brad Evans’ dog Coto is the undisputed champ of the MLS soccer dog world.


There’s some new dogs in town, Sounders fans.

Sounders goalkeeper Stefan Frei’s miniature shar peis, Cloi and Nala, definitely give Coto a run for his money. Why, you ask? One word:


Otherwise known as the cutest thing this side of the Premier League.

But it’s not just about #WrinkleWednesday. Known for his quiet, artistic demeanor, Frei can seem reserved and calculated.

Much like Cloi.

Of course, Frei’s sense of style is undeniable. A fan of tattoos, Frei knows what you put on your body is a reflection of how you feel inside.

Nala also understands style. She even has the pouty face to prove it.

As a keeper, Frei understands the  importance of working together, in tandem, to win a match.

Working together is never far from Cloi and Nala’s minds, either.

Frei loves Seattle, he told Q13 FOX News. But he often misses the food of his home country, Switzerland. Sauerkraut, pretzels, spaetzle, potato salad. It’s all he can do not to go to one of his favorite restaurants, Hans’ German Sausage & Deli in Burien, every night to mow down on the delicacies of his homeland.

Like Frei, Nala is also a food lover. She’s even known for her post-dinner happy dances.

Above all, though, Nala and Cloi share their owner’s enthusiasm most when it comes to one thing:

Sounders FC.

The Sounders FC take on the Vancouver White Caps at 6:30 p.m. Saturday. Watch the match on Q13 FOX.

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