Important tips for avoiding dangers of the record-breaking weather

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SEATTLE — With the mercury climbing all around the Pacific Northwest, avoiding the heat isn’t easy to do. Q13 FOX News Meteorologist Tim Joyce has compiled a list of tips for avoiding the heat, and staying hydrated.

  1.  When temperatures get this hot– you’ll want to shift any strenuous outdoor activities to the morning hours or the late evening when temperatures have cooled.
  2. Sunscreen keeps you cool too, since a sunburn doesn’t let your body release heat properly.
  3. Drink lots of water– and make sure kids and pets stay hydrated, too.
  4. If you’re one of the many people who do not have air conditioning around the region, the best way to beat the heat in your home include a routine of opening up all your windows in the morning.
  5. Putting fans in the windows will accelerate bringing that cool morning air inside. By 10am, you’ll want to shut the windows and close the blinds to trap that cool air inside. It’s especially important to block the sunshine from coming into south facing windows.
  6. Open the windows again when the sun has set and it’s cooler outside than inside.
  7. During the day, you can take a cool shower or have a fan blowing on you will cool you down. A fan reduces the apparent temperature in the room for you, but does not reduce the actual air temperature. So, leaving fans on in unoccupied rooms just wastes electricity.
  8. Lighter colored clothing and lightweight fabric is optimal to stay cool if you’re out and about.
  9. When it comes to cooking– don’t use your oven. Microwave if you need to cook indoors or use your grill outside to keep that heat outside.
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