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Whoops! Reporter shows exactly what NOT to do during live shot (VIDEO)

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SEATTLE -- Ah, the joys of live T.V.

Q13 FOX News reporter Adam Mertz gave a perfect example of what not to do during a piece on how best to conserve water Tuesday morning.

Mertz conveniently went over all the standard tips on how to save water as Seattle, Tacoma and Everett ask people to cut back on their water usage amid drought conditions. Don't shower too long, Mertz said. Shut the water off while brushing your teeth. Water your grass at night.

But things went awry as Mertz attempted to show viewers how to avoid leaky faucets. He accidentally hit the on button on a public spout, causing water to spill out needlessly to the concrete.

"I didn't mean to turn it on there," Mertz said. "That's definitely not conserving water."

The water flowed out for some time, as Mertz attempted to explain to confused viewers why he was wasting so much water in a segment all about conserving the resource.

"Don't follow my example there," Mertz said. "It's more sensitive than I could have expected."

Luckily, his coworkers acted with compassion.

"Adam, you're fired," anchor Liz Dueweke said.

Check out the can't-miss video above.

And no, Adam's not fired. He's a great sport and this can happen to anyone. He just needs to stop wasting so much water...

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