Q13 FOX introduces brand new mobile news app

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SEATTLE --There's a brand new way to get the news you want and the important information you need no matter where you are.

Q13 FOX has rolled out a completely redesigned and reimagined mobile news app for your phone and tablet.

The old news app served your needs, but after 4 years of regular use it was time for a complete rebuild and that's what we did.

The new Q13 FOX news app provides breaking news push notifications.

The new Q13 FOX news app provides breaking news push notifications.

Q13 FOX invested in an state-of-the-art upgrade: a high performance, user friendly, feature-rich, 2016 experience.

Download the app for Android/Apple iOS

The new home screen features more stories, innovative navigation, and a better opportunity to dive deeper into the news that’s happening around you.

Speed might be the app’s simplest, and most noticeable feature. Whether navigating from stories, watching videos, or doing the two simultaneously, the fluidity provides an ideal user experience.

"So many news apps are cluttered with features that are never used, menus that are impossible to navigate or are just too slow to load.  Our app took all those frustrations expressed by users and solved them," says Travis Mayfield, Q13 FOX's director of audience engagement.

The option to save a story for later means you can read, watch, or share a story on your time.

The option to save a story for later means you can read, watch, or share a story on your time.

"Our audience is hungrier than ever for news.  But they don’t want to wait for it.  They don’t even want to wait to sit down at their desk for it," says Mayfield.  " So they get it on their phones.  We built an app from the ground up that serves that person."

Banners at the top of the app and simple icons located at the bottom of the the screen provide speedy navigation to areas of interest – whether it’s the top news of the day or updating your personal settings so a reader can receive breaking news push alerts.

A bookmark icon in each story allows you to save a story for reading, watching or sharing later. But if you're looking for a story with just a keyword in mind -- the app's search function quickly displays story, video, and photo results.

"The news team embraced mobile first thinking long ago," Mayfield says. "This new app gives us the technology to really live up to that culture for the audience."

Users also asked about making video more functional.  So the new app allows you to watch a story while simultaneously reading that story.   Just click the watch button and as the video plays at the top of your screen you can scroll through the written portion of the story below.

Looking for stories near you?  The new app gives you that too.  With geolocation and zip-code based functionality you identify where you are and we share with you the latest stories from that precise spot.

Finally, we are still doing everything you you relied on the old app to do.  Watch live streaming newscasts, check the live traffic map, get a good look at the weather ahead and share stories with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

And the best part?  It remains 100% free!


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  • Sara

    You need to keep the comments section open on every story and interesting to read like the larger news outlets. You guys have the best Seattle news site and nice to see the readers responses to the issues.

  • GR

    Thanks a lot, Q13. You take away Seahawks text alerts, which many of us 12’s enjoyed, only to replace it with a mobile app that does work on Windows phones. SERIOUSLY? In Seattle, the home of Microsoft??? Not impressed. 😒

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