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Pregnant woman who was shot at bus stop talks of terrifying moment, losing her baby

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SEATTLE — A pregnant 19-year-lold woman who was shot in the stomach at a Seattle bus stop a month ago and lost her baby is speaking about the horrifying moment for the first time.

Tedra Paige says she went into shock after a bullet pierced her stomach. She lost consciousness in the ambulance and when she woke up at the hospital, doctors told her the unborn baby didn’t make it.

“I am still in shock, it’s traumatizing,” Paige said.

Every time Paige closes her eyes, she relives the violent moment.

“One of the bullets flew past me; the other went straight through me,” Paige said.

That bullet hit her stomach, killing an unborn baby girl five months into her pregnancy.

“It’s heartbreaking. Every time I think about it, I break down,” Paige said.

On June 19, surveillance cameras caught the shooting along Rainier Avenue South and South Rose Street at about 2 a.m.

Two men are seen walking down the sidewalk. Then both suspects suddenly fire shots from across the street and toward the bus stop where Paige is sitting.

“The bullet was meant for somebody else; it was the wrong place at the wrong time,” Paige said.

She added that she regrets staying out late that night to celebrate her cousin’s birthday.

“I should have been more responsible mom ... I was out at that time knowing I shouldn’t have been,” Paige said.

She added that she’s worried about the community`s safety because the gunmen are still out there.

“This might not only happen to me,” Paige said.

Now she`s only left with memories of a baby whose life ended before it could even begin.

“I didn’t think that was the last time I would feel her kick, I miss her so much,” Paige said.

Police say the gunmen were wearing black shirts or jackets with a hoodie. Police are trying to retrace the suspects' steps to see if there is more surveillance video out there. If you believe you might have seen two men wearing those clothes at about 2 a.m. on June 19, you're urged to call police.

You can leave an anonymous tip at (206) 233-5000.

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