Bicyclist in critical condition following crash into building

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


SEATTLE — A woman is in the hospital with critical injuries after she lost control of her bicycle and crashed into a building.

On Monday morning, the bicyclist was traveling westbound on E Pine Street when she attempted to make a turn on Belmont Avenue, Seattle police said. She failed to turn properly, police said, and ended up colliding with a building.

She was transported to Harborview Medical Center with critical injuries. No cars or pedestrians were involved in the crash.

Traffic Collision Investigation Squad team members are investigating the incident.

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    • Joshua Putnam

      Seems like a crass question when someone’s life is on the line, but yes, assuming the crash was caused by the cyclist’s negligence, the cyclist would probably be liable for the cost of repairs.

      Fortunately, most cyclists have better liability insurance than the average motorist, since liability for negligent cycling is generally covered at no extra cost by the personal liability coverage of home, condo, or renters insurance — even minimum-wage service workers commonly have $100,000 or better liability coverage for cycling, vs. state minimum $10,000 property damage coverage for car insurance.

      • It's her body

        Dope +woman+bike=dope.She put people in harms way and caused damage to property. She will be fined and will pay for the destruction of property. Carry on…but not on dope and not on any mode of transportation in your control.

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