911 call captures fatal road rage shooting of man in front of family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Robert Doyle (Credit: Citrus County Sheriff)

BEVERLY HILLS, Fla. — A Florida man is charged with second degree murder after a road rage altercation turned deadly last week.

Deputies say Robert Doyle shot and killed Candelario Gonzalez during a road rage incident on Thursday night.

Doyle was in his car with his wife. Gonzalez was driving a truck behind him with his wife, daughter and grandson in the vehicle, according to WFTS.

Both families called 911 during the altercation. Gonzalez said Doyle was “driving like an idiot.”

“We’re going to follow him right to his house,” Gonzalez told the 911 dispatcher. The 911 dispatcher urged them to go home, but they insisted on stopping at the house to get Doyle’s address.

Doyle, who was on the phone with 911 at the same time, told a dispatcher Gonzalez was trying to “run him off the road.”

“They’re following me to my house… and the guns are already out,” Doyle told the dispatcher, adding he had his gun “cocked and locked.”

As the cars continued down the road, both cars stopped in front of Doyle’s home. Seconds later, Doyle reached his driveway and Gonzalez exited his truck, according to WATE.

Candelario Gonzalez and his daughter (Credit: WATE)

“Son of a b**** has a gun, get somebody here now,” Cathy Gonzalez, the victim’s wife, told the dispatcher. Seconds later, Doyle fired multiple shots.

An eyewitness said Doyle shot Gonzalez as he was backing up. Doyle’s wife claims Gonzalez was charging her husband.

“We were in our yard, he stopped in the middle of the road and came after my husband!” said Doyle’s wife.

As Gonzalez was lying on the ground, Doyle forced the victim’s family out of the car and held them at gunpoint until police arrived.

“That son of a b**** is making me get out of the car with my daughter. You got to help me please,” Cathy Gonzalez told the 911 dispatcher.

Gonzalez died at the scene. Doyle is currently out on bond.

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      • Ed

        Don’t jump to conclusion. I have always believed, that it’s better to be judged 12 than carried by 6. So let’s let the court decide. I believe Mr. Doyle will be freed.

    • AlanMMartinez

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  • Megan

    He was told not to follow them! But we know full well that doesn’t matter. No one needed to have their guns out, especially cocked! You only do that if you intend to shoot.

  • LUNA

    Followed the guy to his house? What lunatic does that unless they have nefarious intent? I’d have defended myself and my wife in the exact same way. The truism better tried by 12 than carried by 6 applies perfectly.

  • JohnESalisbury

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  • EschewObfuscation1012

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013 firearms (excluding BB and pellet guns) caused 84,258 nonfatal injuries (26.65 per 100,000 U.S. citizens) and 33,636 deaths (10.6 per 100,000).

    There are 319 million people in the U.S., which means about 1 out of every 2705 people in the U.S. was shot by a firearm in 2013; about 1 out of every 9,484 people in the U.S. was killed by a firearm in 2013.

    Extrapolating over a typical lifetime of 74 years and assuming the above trends continue, 1 out of 36 people currently alive in the U.S. will be shot by a firearm during their lifetime; 1 out of every 128 people in the U.S. will be killed by a firearm during their lifetime (most well before they reach 74 years of age).

  • Concerned Citizen

    Yes he clearly made a poor choice in fallowing THE TRIGGER HAPPY HOMICIDAL CRAZY MAN WITH ANGER ISSUES!! MAYBE stricter gun laws that make it difficult for those suffering with MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES like the man in this story that was quick to shoot and kill the unarmed man in front of his family could have prevented this tragedy from happening? Perhaps it still would have happened…. We will never know. I DO know that NOT HAVING
    STRICT LAWS in place in an ATTEMPT to PREVENT tragedy s like this from happening is way better then NOT HAVING STRICT GUN LAWS and doing NOTHING! That makes NO SENSE! If your kinda crazy , even just a little bit THEN YOU SHOULDNT BE ABLE TO LEGALLY PURCHASE A FIREARM!!! If your not crazy then you have no worries! If crazy people are allowed to own firearms …. That should really kinda make you worry ALOT! Again this MAY or MAY NOT have been preventable!!! Shouldn’t we at the very LEAST …. TRY to do whatever we possibly can to PREVENT it? Before someone YOU love becomes the next victim to gun violence?

  • rpbizzle

    without a doubt…he killed the guy in self defense…..following the guy to his house was a big mistake and in fact provoked this whole incident to happen…let some one follow me to my house… step on my property.. I would shoot them too.

  • Robert

    The man should not have followed him. But he would not be on the phone with 911 if he had nefarious intent. They said they wanted this guys address. The guy must really have been driving like a dangerous idiot for someone with wife and grandkid in vehicle to follow that guy home. Article never states that the victim stepped onto this man’s property. In fact it says an eyewitness claimed the victim was backing up when he was shot. If this eyewitness is not the victims own family then this case is over before it even begins. Guilty.

    It seems the shooter reacted to quickly without thinking. He already was on phone with 911. The man had no weapon. It says he later held the victims family at gun point until police arrived. If he had wanted he could have just done the same to the victim as well. Or perhaps (this seems likely imo) he did try to do this. But the victim started backing up and the shooter shot him so he couldnt “get away”.

    I do not mind firearms at all. But this man should not have one. He is reckless.. not a good quality for a gun owner.

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