Rocking in the Rain: Capitol Hill Block Party Day 2 (PHOTOS)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Thoughts on Day 2 from Seattle Music enthusiast, Josh Diamond

SEATTLE — Seattle festival culture 2015: this ain’t your “free concert from now on.” No, everything was for sale at the now massive, Alaska Airlines-sponsored Capitol Hill Block Party Day 2, including the punk and metal bands at Cha Cha Lounge.

But the wares were high quality and good vibes, for the most part. I for one was very pleased with the weather that hung over the Saturday edition of Block Party. Overcast, under 70 degrees, and rain showers spraying about all day. A little temporary relief from the severe drought conditions we’re under.

But who’s thinking about drought because look, condom balloons (auto-correct: condos. Yes, so many condos too) and Giraffage. Big ups to the vegan chocolate cupcake I consumed with gusto. Anyways, a few highlights follow below. Here’s to all the sweet bros, neo hippies and those who cast off labels.

You were all pretty chill today:

Kinski: Started the afternoon off right at the Vera Stage with some powerful instrumental and driving, smart rock. Long-running Seattle band, kicking butt.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Simply awesome. Crowd loved them, really. Forlorn, yet danceable, warm, yet unsettling, concept music about polyamory???!?! Great Main Stage set

Jarv Dee: Local rapper, part of the Moor Gang crew, put on a raucous and super energetic set at Neumos. The crowd was fairly mad for Jarv, who had great stage presence and a confident, well-projected flow. And great marijuana references. Still hasn’t lost its edge, despite its legality!

Giraffage: A dude, his computer, and sweet, borderline EDM rave music with animated cats, dogs and video game systems flashing madly on the Main Stage screen behind Giraffage himself.

Vinyl Williams: I stumbled into Barboza for this band I had never heard of and was quite pleased I did. Shimmering psychedelic and lush, floating vocals. Very dreamy. Like Ride meets Black Moth Super Rainbow… or something.

Toro y Moi: One of the Main Stage headliners on Saturday, Chaz Bundick’s chill-wave, indie dance-wave, whatever-wave was very chill and much dancing and swaying occurred. Handlebar mustaches, random shit painted on people’s faces, and Macklemore-looking haircuts abound. As well as revelry. Things were quite chilled out and enjoyable.

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