Gunshots injure teen and damage cars, homes in Everett

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT, Wash. -- An overnight shooting in Everett sends an 18-year old to the hospital and stray bullets through a neighborhood. It happened in the Evergreen neighborhood on the 100 block of 75th Street Southwest.

The stray bullets hit this boat, nearby cars, and even homes. Those who live in this neighborhood said they tried to help the hurt teen, but the number of shots fired made them fear leaving their own homes.

“I came out here the first shots and heard the young man screaming, and if I could find him I just wanted to help him,” said Wheaton.

Bullets damaged two of Wheaton’s cars, which this father said is the last thing his family needed.

“We are in tough times right now,” said Wheaton. “My daughter just came down with Leukemia. All our money is going to transportation back and forth from children’s hospital.”

But when Wheaton heard the gunfire overnight, he said he tried to help until he realized he and his family were in danger too.

Everett Police said multiple 911 calls came in just before 2 am. When they arrived, officers found one man with life threatening injuries and bullet holes scattered into cars, a boat, and at least two homes.

“I woke up to shots and then screaming started; I’ve been shot; I’ve been hit, I’ve been hit,” said neighbor Sergy Olidinchuck. “He was saying I’m losing a lot of blood.”

Neighbors say it’s scary how close the bullets came to others. One homeowner even shared pictures of damages inside of her home on the Snohomish County Crime and Community Facebook Page.

“Innocent people could have gotten hurt, people are sleeping and bullets are flying everywhere,” said Olidinchuck.

With the suspect still out there, they fear the violence isn’t over.

The incident is enough for Wheaton to want to move his family, but until he can he feels fortunate they’re all okay.

“When things are out of your hands,” said Wheaton. “The Lord’s got us. That’s truly how I feel.”

The Wheatons have a GoFundMe page for their daughter fighting Leukemia:

As for the 18-year old in the hospital, neighbors said they saw him often because he visited family in the neighborhood. They described him as a nice young man, who was recently trying to change his life for the better.

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