Police: Family’s trip to shooting range cut short after dad pulls gun on another driver

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Police arrested a man, who claimed he was on his way to a shooting range to celebrate his son’s birthday, for allegedly pulling a gun on another man during a road rage incident.

According to Seattle police, a driver flagged down an officer around 1 p.m. Tuesday near 4th Avenue and Holgate Street.

The man told officers it all started when he was stopped next to a Ford Expedition at a red light on 1st Avenue and South Lander Street. He said when the light turned green, a third car blew through the intersection cutting off the victim and the Expedition.

The victim honked at the third car as it drove away. He said just moments later the driver of the Expedition pulled next to the victim and flashed a handgun.

The victim then pulled behind the Expedition and drove through SODO to a parking lot at 1st Avenue and Holgate.

He said the other driver got out of his SUV, and walked toward the victim while holding the gun. The victim said he then drove away and that’s when he spotted the police officer.

The driver of the Expedition was found nearby at 18th Avenue South and South McLellan Street. His wife and child were in the car. He told officers the victim was driving aggressively and tried to ram his SUV, and he repeatedly told officer he was scared for his life.

Detectives said the man did not indicate why he got out of his car and confronted the victim.

Officers arrested the driver and booked him into King County Jail for harassment and unlawful use of weapons.

4th Avenue South & South Holgate Street, Seattle

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  • dg54321

    Lot of “he said, he said” in this one. How do they prove this guy didn’t actually fear for his life? That’s going to be the hard part for a prosecutor. Unless they have more evidence than they let on here.

    • JV

      Because if your fearing for your life you don’t get out of your car and confront the fear. Even brandishing your weapon can be illegal (even PRINTING, meaning if carrying concealed but someone can see your weapon for example as an outline through your pants)… But this case seems pretty clear, once he got out of his car to confront the other driver his behavior no longer exhibited fear but anger!

      • dg54321

        Yeah, but do we have proof or did the guy admit that he got out of his car? All we have is the other guy’s CLAIM that he did. More than a claim of an involved party is required to establish proof.

        Unfortunately, I don’t trust the news, and especially Q13CNN, to tell us the whole story.

      • Rizzo

        Imagine if you will, driving along and some jerk starts honking/tailing you while driving aggressively. You’ve tried to evade and get rid of him. (Cuz that’s what happened) You pull over because the situation is becoming increasingly dangerous for not only your wife, but you child in the vehicle. The pursuer follows and also stops. At this point you have two choices. You have already called 911, no cops are there yet, potential danger is only feet away. Do you stay in your car and wait for it to approach you with ur kid in the car? Or do you confront it and draw attention away from your wife and child? He did the right thing here, CLEARLY stating he feared for not only his life but his wife and kid as well.

    • geekoid

      If he feared for his life, he would have driven away. I’m not sure whats hard to believe about someone experiencing road rage pulling a gun. It’s not exactly a rare incident.

      • dg54321

        No, he absolutely could have done it exactly as described. What I’m saying is, in order to prove he committed a crime here, there needs to be more than just the victim’s story. This needs to be caught on camera, needs to be eyewitness accounts from an uninterested party, something like that.

        You can’t just say “That guy committed a crime against me” with no evidence of wrongdoing, and get someone convicted of a crime. There has to be more than that. And for good reason.

        And there is nothing indicating they have anything more than that to go on from the story. As I said, Q13 could not be posting important info here that provides the probable cause that led to his arrest and that will help with his conviction. But from the story, a prosecutor is going to have a tough time proving beyond a reasonable doubt that this guy committed the crime. If I were on a jury and all we had to go on was the info in this story, I’d have to vote to acquit.

  • Shaqueen

    I drive a BMW light turns green I pull foward faster than other people.
    Next to my Walmart the two lane street turns into one. I of course pull in front. People tail gate me sometimes after I pull in front. Due to road becomming one lane.
    I ask why? After all you speed up also.
    Just because you are poor and cannot afford a $933 a month car payment does not mean you have to be a jerk.
    99% of people are decent. I would say road rage people are stupid and immature. GROW UP.

    • dg54321

      The people bragging about how rich they are online? Aren’t rich at all.

      Now, come on out with your spam link about how you can make money at home….

    • poop

      Yeah and people like you get mad when those in the lane who are not merging pull forward faster than you to allow you to get behind and merge safely with room to spare. Your $933 car payment is a waste. My pos truck can do circles around your stock BMW. A broke person with a high credit score can get any BMW off the lot.

    • Rainmetal

      Yet you still write with the grammatical skills of an uneducated hood rat. I think you are lying through your hair weave.

  • The guy who was arrested

    The victim is no victim at all, The so called victim came flying up on my bumper,cause i was driving slow while looking for an address, honking his horn and flipping us off, he then proceeded to come along the side of my car and start swerving at us trying to drive us off the road, At which point i did flash my gun still in its holster in an attempt to get him to stop trying to harm my family, he then slows down gets behind us and starts riding my bumper, i made several u turns in an attempt to get away from him, my wife called 911 and i got out of my suv holding my gun pointed down to the ground and at my side. and asked him why he was trying to ram my vehicle and following me, at which he sped off, cops come they arrest me for defending my family from a crazy guy, i never pointed my weapon or made a threat, they dont even charge the so called victim with reckless driving, they just want to take guns. I did nothing wrong and was within my rights, the so called victim made me fear for the lives of my wife and child in the car with me. Wish the news could get the story right.

    • Rizzo

      ”’The guy who was arrested” lol Shoulda said the guy who was wrongfully arrested!!! There’s no truth in media anymore. Used to be you watched the news for truth and TV shows to escape reality, now TV shows are all about reality, and the fiction is in the news!!!! At least they got themake/model of ur car right, but it looks like thats it!!