Neighbors on edge after string of cat attacks in Marysville

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MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- It's a disturbing mystery.

A Marysville man says someone is out to hurt animals in his neighborhood. Two of his cats have already been targeted in the 6500 block 68th Street NE in Marysville.

“Someone is targeting animals in the area,” Dan French said.

A neighbor checking the mail Tuesday night discovered Dan’s cat Jacen lying lifeless on the street.

The neighbor found the cat on the edge of the road across from Dan’s home. It was still alive but paralyzed.

“I’m certain something malicious for some reason happened,” French said.

French says the vet confirmed it wasn’t accident.

“The vet says it was clearly not a bite wound from another animal,” French said.

Someone punctured the cat’s spine with a sharp object.

“Unfortunately, for the good of the cat we put the cat down,” French said.

To make matters worse, Wednesday morning French noticed something very different about Jacen’s twin sister Jania. Someone had taken a razor to Jania’s hair.

“From about here to here someone just shaved her,” French said.

Dan believes the large patch of missing hair on Jania is also malicious.

The strange attacks have him on edge and worried that the perpetrator will be back again.

“You worry about that kind of stuff. What else are they capable of doing?" French asked.

The family filed a police report but their concern is that investigators have little to go on. If you saw anything suspicious, the family asks that you alert Marysville police.