Police seek 16-year-old after nearly 100 guns stolen from Yakima store

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Firearms Enthusiasts Practice Shooting At Gun Range

Getty Image file photo.

YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — Yakima police say one man is in jail and police are looking for a 16-year-old boy after at least 98 firearms were stolen from an outdoor supply store last week.

The Yakima Herald-Republic says bail was set at $150,000 Monday for the 24-year-old man. Police say he wasn’t involved in the burglary but knew the guns were stolen and helped move them around the house.

On Saturday, police found a stash of nearly four dozen stolen guns under the floor of the Yakima home that the man shared with other relatives. About 42 of the 47 guns recovered in the home were linked to a burglary at Grumpy’s Outdoor Supply.

Police say burglars punched a large hole in the building’s drywall and stole pistols, rifles and other firearms around 2:20 a.m. Thursday.

The guns were first reported stolen Thursday.

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  • dg54321

    10 years per firearm. That’s the federal standard. High time we start using it.

    But then, how would they create a false narrative about “gun crime” being out of control, necessitating draconian and unconstitutional legislation to “fix it”?

  • hellomurica

    Stores like this need to have motion detector alarms inside, so if someone manages to do something insane like drive a car through the wall it’ll set off the alarm.

  • JeffreyBHubbard

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  • "peety"

    3/8 inch drywall was what they considered “secure”?

    We need to regulate gun dealers to make sure they are properly securing their guns. Any dealer who doesn’t should be stripped of their license.

    • EastboundAndDown

      While I realize stories can be updated, and I realize I read it quick but I see no mention of 3/8″ drywall, which is rather rare. But assuming we take your point as it is, that being drywall is not secure. Ok then. Given that countless millions of businesses, condos, apartments, homes, etc are using the exact same construction material then shouldn’t we call for all construction with drywall to somehow be secured better? Frankly, given how incredibly rare this kind of thing is, I don’t think we have a problem here.

        • EastboundAndDown

          Yes it is happening frequently, yet we don’t see calls for other places to be more secure the way there are for gun stores. As for being a special interest group, ok we can call it that. But given its a special interest group with over 50 million members its safe to say it goes way beyond a SIG, to actually being a mainstream group that is in fact larger than most “groups” out there. Your attempts to marginalize fail hard.

    • tootietuttle

      peety…I don’t believe that you don’t have a meaningless statistic to tell you how many times this kind of thing happens. Of course, I did expect you, as a liberal would, to jump on the “we need a law” knee jerk reaction…

      • "peety"

        gun owners should be outraged over this lack of security. It reflects poorly on your special interest group.

        and once again, you side with irresponsibility.

        • tootietuttle

          and you stand by lack of facts. typical. Or better yet, using your own stats, this person is far more likely to shoot himself so the public and police have nothing to worry about because statistically, he should be dead by now. LOL

  • The Decider

    This just goes to show. Despite gun laws, people who shouldn’t have guns can and will manage to get one… Or 98… Criminals will find a way.

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