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Edmonds parents concerned over crumb rubber turf on sports field

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EDMONDS, Wash. -- Hundreds of parents are throwing a 'Hail Mary' to try to convince the Edmonds City Council to ban crumb rubber fields in the city now that a new field is being constructed for sports activities.

Parents worry crumb rubber found in artificial turf could cause their children to get sick.

April Osborne said, "What we know is these fields are made from crumb rubber. Crumb rubber comes from tires and tires contain known carcinogens so in my mind carcinogens and kids don’t mix."

In a statement, the Edmonds School District said, "Based on the scientific research, there is neither the dose, nor the exposure route, to indicate a health hazard for artificial turf/crumb rubber field users."

Parents want more research to be done before they let their kids suit up for their next soccer or football games.

Laura Johnson said, "We do not need to proceed with something that we just don’t know enough about and we are not willing to allow our children to be the guinea pigs and the test subjects."

Parents were planning to encourage the Edmonds City Council to consider banning crumb rubber at the 7 p.m. council meeting Tuesday.


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  • Call4rain

    Asphalt contains known carcinogens as well, better keep kids away from school playgrounds and roads. And watch out for the treated lumber on that play structure that also has BPA in the plastic. Oh, and the grass field you want…it will have fertilizer put on it that isn’t organic, not to mention the insane amounts of water needed to keep it up. I’m just saying you gotta think about the big picture folks.

  • RashadFRamirez

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  • Think about it i dare you

    i love how uneducated parents are allowed to assume something and freak out this lady in the beginning doesn’t even know what she is talking about this is as bad as the neo hippies in Olympia making laws for people that the people never asked for YOU CANNOT NURF THE WORLD ! cant stand these yogurt eating granola crunching suto soccer moms your all dumb no one cottles kids more than mothers and fathers these days and look what you have all created a sociaty that is worthless and wants hand outs because you fix every thing for them what a joke

  • tootietuttle

    it is absolute and definitive. Scientific research says it’s safe. There should be no arguments. Having said that, I sure wouldn’t let my kid play on this crap for any extended amount of time.

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