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Olympia bracing for report on officer-involved shooting

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OLYMPIA – City officials and community groups are bracing for the public’s reaction to a report on an Olympia officer-involved shooting in May.

The May 21 shooting of stepbrothers Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin by Officer Ryan Donald resulted in both peaceful and violent protests in downtown Olympia, The Olympian newspaper reported.

The Thurston County Prosecutor’s report on the shooting is expected to be released in early August, the paper reported.

Both Thompson and Chaplin are African – American; the Olympia police officer Ryan Donald is White.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Department concluded its investigation into the shooting but has not released a report, awaiting crime lab reports, the Olympian reported.

Community groups Unity in Community and the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation, are working on plans for volunteers to act as peacekeepers; The Olympia City Council is working on a community outreach plan and formation of a citizens task force, the paper reported.

Officer Ryan had been reprimanded during his three years with the department, the Associated Press reported.

Personnel records reviewed by The Olympian newspaper show that supervisors raised concerns in 2013 that Officer Ryan Donald putting himself in situations where using force would become necessary. Donald was also issued a written warning for arresting the wrong person in 2012.

But records also show he received commendations and completed dozens of hours of training for crisis intervention and other skills. His lawyer declined to comment on the officer’s personnel file.

Donald reported he was being assaulted with a skateboard before the May 21 shooting that wounded 21-year-old Bryson Chaplin and 24-year-old Andre Thompson.

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  • dg54321

    Doesn’t matter what the report says. If it doesn’t string up the officer to assuage the SJW idiots out there, they’ll break things and act like children. If it does, they’ll still break things and act like children. It’s not even about this guy or what he did, or what his past was like. It literally has nothing to do with him (and never even gets brought up when it’s black on black or black on white….only when it’s white on black….no bias here). It’s just an excuse to break things and throw a tantrum, like all children love to do.

    We have generations of overgrown children that never were forced to grow up and learn what responsibility is. It’s only getting worse by the day.

  • The Decider

    Let this be a reminder to all, don’t be a criminal and your odds of being shot by anyone are much less. Had these guys bought their beer, they wouldnt be in this predicament now would they? Show up on the radar, risk being shot. I don’t make the rules. This is just how the world is. Clearly they did the crime, they were stopped for it, the rest is being investigated, but they are definetely going to pay for this for the rest of their lives. Good job guys. Good job. Hope that beer you didn’t get to taste was worth it. And for all of you who say they didn’t steal the beer. True. But they did steal a watermelon. Theft at its finest.

  • Wallus

    Olympia is bracing for what? Skateboarders leaving their mom’s basement to yell 40 year old protest slogans and wear bandannas over their faces?

  • RashadFRamirez

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