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Diner owner taking heat (and praise) after she screamed at crying toddler, called her a ‘monster’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PORTLAND, Maine — The owner of a diner in Maine is getting national attention after an apparent altercation involving a family and their 2-year-old child.

Darla Neugebauer, the owner of Marcy’s Diner, apparently screamed at the child last week when the family was eating at the restaurant.

Tara Carson’s original post on the Marcy’s Diner Facebook page. The post has since been deleted.

Neugebauer told WCSH the child’s parents ordered three pancakes and then didn’t feed them to the girl, causing the child to cry loudly.

After multiple attempts to get the family to leave or to take the girl outside, the diner owner said she slammed her hands down on the counter and told the girl to be quiet.

The toddler’s mother, Tara Carson, wrote about the incident on the diner’s Facebook page.

Editor’s note: Screenshots of the Facebook posts have been included in this story. The posts include graphic language.

Dozens of people responded to the post, some defending the diner owner and others demanding the diner apologize.

The post, which includes some graphic language, has since been deleted.

Neugebauer responded on Facebook and refused to backdown, saying, ” you are lucky I didn’t get really f***** nuts because being physical is not something I cower from.”

Marcy’s Diner responded on Facebook to the customer’s original post.

Despite the backlash on social media, Neugebauer is not backing down.

“Life’s full of choices and you’ve got to live with all of them. I chose to yell at a kid, it made her shut-up, which made me happy, it made my staff happy, it made the 75 other people dining here happy, and they left, they may never come back, other people may not come in. Their loss really,” she told WCSH.

As the story has received nationwide attention, more people have come to the defense of Neugebauer and to proclaim their frustration with screaming children in restaurants.

One customer posted a comment on the diner’s Facebook page asking, “Why did you remove that post?! Kudos to the managers for setting that mom in place. So sick of parents not parenting.”

The couple, who was on vacation in the area, told WCSH they were upset with the entire situation.

A follow-up post from Marcy’s Diner in response to the backlash.

“I turned to my daughter and I was like ‘Listen, this is how I’m raising you not to be as an adult. Like, you will never be like this when you get older,'” she said. “I felt helpless as a mom that, you know, I couldn’t do anything to help her, because I can’t explain why there’s crazy people in this world that behave like that.”

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  • Vinita

    What kind of parents order food and do NOT give their baby some? We always bring snacks for our baby, so she is not hungry and crying . The owner could have handled it better but when you are very busy, it’s easy to snap. Parents are supposed to control their children. Just sayin

    • Garydcleary

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    • seefilms

      The article says nothing about not feeding the girl. It says they didn’t feed her the pancakes. The article is very explicit on not giving certain details. It’s pretty slanted, actually.

  • Dorothy Mills

    It should not have come down to this. The parents should have took their child outside or ask for to go boxes. People go out to eat and don’t want to listen to a screaming kid. I have 4 children and if they acted like this i would remove them from where we were. I have left groceries in the cart and walked out of stores if my kid started screaming. The parents are as much to blame for not removing the child. I might have done the same or at least told the parents off. I’m spending my money to eat out and i don’t want to listen to a screaming kid. Kudos to the manager for getting the people to leave so everyone else could enjoy their meal

    • Geoff Lott

      Numerous times I have left a restaurant when my kids are in meltdown mode, because we know the kids aren’t going to “relaaax” and nobody else should have to put up with the chaos. It’s not fair to anybody, especially the microcosm of society also trying to enjoy a meal out for a bit.
      This is in big part a problem of “ECS” or “Entitled Customer Syndrome” where a customer has a few bucks so whomever is behind the counter or the nametag is gonna have to dance. At some point, no, you can’t have it your way. But also, screaming in a toddler’s face is wrong. Not even parent should do that to their kid, let alone a stranger. If it happens again somewhere I’m betting we’ll see a few video cam recordings of it before anybody hops in.

  • belindacavazos

    When asked to leave and they did not do so, why not call the police instead of adding more fuel to the fire? Both were wrong. The toddler was hungry, pancakes are on the table, if you’re bold enough to scream at the kid, why not walk over to the table and give her some pancakes instead of screaming at her. All kids cry when they are hungry, they can’t cook for themselves. There’s no telling how long it had been since she had eaten, giving her something to eat would have been better than yelling, the owner was doing exactly the samething as the child, wonder how it felt to act just like an almost 2 year old? I would have packed the parents order and escorted them out and said see ya! Have a great day and gave them the food, I would have not gone there with the yelling.

      • see47

        “The World is Ending”, the article only specifies that the parents did not feed the child pancakes. The article doesn’t mention whether they ordered other food, whether they brought food for their child. It really doesn’t say much about the situation other than what a gossip might say. Poor writing.

  • The Decider

    I don’t think yelling at the child was necessary. 2 years old, her parents weren’t paying attention to her, she had pancakes she couldn’t have right in front of her face. I do think the parents were very inconsiderate. But I also would have knocked the owner the F out had she yelled at my child like that. But I would never be in that situation so she doesn’t have to worry about getting her comeuppance from me. I don’t understand why some parents find it acceptable to sit and ignore their upset child when people are paying money to sit and enjoy a meal out. Perhaps a good wakeup call for the parents, but also I feel the owner should have screamed at the parents and not the child.

    • TNOSR

      The owner would have kicked your pansy a$$ if tried to knock her the F out. Shut your kid up or leave. You’re in the owner’s establishment and she did not violate any laws in yelling at the kid. Good ridance to the bad parents!!

    • JCG

      Pretty sure that owner doesn’t need, nor would she accept any “comeuppance” from you. That is absolutely laughable. If you’re one of these self-absorbed, self-important, “enlightened” parents, then yeah, your kid is probably going to experience some of this treatment in life. This type of parent really needs a clue, sorry if you’re one of ’em.

      • The Decider

        I think your moronic reply is laughable. Did you even read what I wrote? That lady deserves to get the shit beat out of her for screaming at a 2 year old like that. If the parents screamed at the child I would feel they deserve the same. There are many other ways to take care of a situation than to express your anger and hatred toward a child. If I was one of those self entitled parents, I would have said the parents were in the right. I’d give you your comeuppance but I don’t believe in beating up children, the elderly, or those with mental retardation. You fall under the mental retardation category.

        • JCG

          Ha ha ha! Again, laughable. You are very entertaining old man! Don’t hurt yourself now, simmer down. lol
          Have a nice day clown.

    • Ted Bundy

      “But I also would have knocked the owner the F out had she yelled at my child like that. ”

      really… your solution to not being able to control your kid, or at least get up and remove the kid from the place, is to suggest you would physically assault a women, who yelled at you and your kid across the room… yup, that’s classy as shit.

      • The Decider

        “You are lucky I didn’t get really fucking nuts because being physical is not something I cower from.”

        You are so hypocritical to judge others who say they would have knocked her out when she told them they were lucky she didn’t get physical. Did you even read that part? I in no way defend the parents, but clearly this is a lady who would shake or kill a Baby. I don’t think it’s right for anyone to scream like that at a 2 year old. Direct your anger at the parents. Not at the child.

        • System Corruption

          well the majority (including me) are against you. Learn to parent your fucking kids or get out! I don’t and neither should anyone else have to listen to that nuisance of a child! So fuck you, decider!

        • Trev

          Learn to parent your kids. I am 100% on the owners side. Nobody wants to hear your fuckin kid scream while you pay them no attention (while most likely on FB on your phone). I bet these worthless parents also wanted a free meal.

        • Brenda

          I agree with you totally I can not believe she yelled at a 2 year old! Let alone a 2 year old that was not her child!

  • dg54321

    I’m just not sure why FB drama is now considered valid news. This sounds like 2 psychos going at it, and nothing more.

    Still, dealing with a crying baby is something that annoys everybody. If you’re a parent and your kid is sitting there crying, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Nothing worse than those parents that just tune it out and ruin everybody else’s meal or enjoyment of their activity in public.

  • hellomurica

    Love it. It’s high time people stop enabling children to be spoiled rotten little monsters. Way too many parents these days refuse to do their freaking jobs and teach their children how to behave when they’re in public. If I behaved like that when I was a kid, my parents would have paid the bill, dragged me out of there, and I MIGHT have made it home before my butt got spanked, or they might have just done it right there in the parking lot. And then I’d probably be on restriction for a few days. These days? Parents expect everyone else to just ignore their kids, like they’re doing. Complete and utter B.S. Kudos to this woman for standing up for her restaurant and its customers.

  • Account Rental

    Anyone that comes to the defense of the parents are just idiots. A crying child needs to be removed from the situation. It’s not just resturants, it’s in stores too. I’ve found out that I can get the manager and complain about a crying child in a store and that manager has to ask them to leave due to my complaint. I do that now. If you have kids, parent them. If you want ot ignore their crying, then leave them at home. I’ve raised my k ids, 2 of them. And if they got out of hand anywhere, I removed them because no one and I mean NO ONE wants to hear your bratting kid crying. Be a parent and remove them immediately so the incident doesn’t get out of hand. I really don’t blame the owner, they were asked to leave and they chose not to leave. Words of wisdom, DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO cry in public and not removing them. WE don’t want to hear them.

  • Casandra

    if it was a family friendly restaurant they should have been warned kids throw fits, get the fuck over it! Screaming in a toddlers face instead of talking to the parents is unacceptable, and I would have slapped the shit out of her it was my kid! I’ll be damned if some grown ass woman where I’m paying to eat screams at my child, your a horrible person to yell at a baby!

    • AMY S

      The owners had already asked the parents to leave or stop the kids from crying and they stayed another ten minutes. The kids SCREAMING the entire time. PARENTING FAIL!

    • Ted Bundy

      ” Screaming in a toddlers face instead of talking to the parents is unacceptable, and I would have slapped the shit out of her it was my kid”

      you too huh? i give you a failing grade for reading comprehension. the owner was over 5 feet away behind the diners counter when she yelled, not in the baby’s face. once again kudos for threatening physical assault in what ever case. enjoy your trip to county.

      • The Decider

        No, kudos to you reading comprehension.

        Potential Baby Shaker: “You are lucky I didn’t get really fucking nuts because being physical is not something I cower from.”

        Ted Bundy “i give you a failing grade for reading comprehension. the owner was over 5 feet away behind the diners counter when she yelled, not in the baby’s face. once again kudos for threatening physical assault in what ever case.”

        See where she says straight up “You are lucky…” Directed at the parents, clearly telling them they are lucky she didn’t do anything physical to them. You shame what you also condone. Hypocritical!!!

        Also, where do you get she was OVER 5 feet away, because she said she was 5 feet away, not OVER. Reading comprehension buddy. Don’t point out others lack of when you clearly lack yourself.

  • carla

    I don’t have children but I babysit all the time. My husband and I made that decision to have kids but I hate going out to eat and having to hear children screaming and crying because the parents are too busy not paying attention. I get it you’re hungry too but your can feed them and eat at the same time! That’s what I do when I babysit or when the mom’s and I go out to eat. I hate it even more when I go shopping because as soon I step into a store I see the kids running around and screaming and no one does anything. What happened to it takes a village to raise a child? People are too scared to step up anymore! Those parents screwed up by ordering large panacakes and then not giving them to her. You need to be considerate of everyone around you at all times! And they obviously spoil that kid to a certain extent because they ordered her what she wanted but then didn’t give it to her! Go owner you did what was right for your patrons!!!!

  • seatown

    What the heck, it’s ok for someone else to get in your childs face and scream? heck no!! I would have punch that B*$ch!! Yes, the kid was cryin gthings got out of hand the parents should have done something about it but for her a professional person that has to deal with people on a daily basis has no right to yell at anyones kid! Specially a 2 year old!! Maybe her restaurant shouldbe only for old people and not a family restaurant when you know people are going in there with kids all ages!! I don’t back her up at all!! the parents should have clamed the situation too, though.

  • Kelly

    It is not acceptable to let your child scream or carry on in a business establishment ever. The other patrons paid for a quiet breakfast and an expectation of a nice meal. I do not want to hear your child scream. You can’t just sit there and totally disrupt a place because you are too lazy to be a proper parent. I see so many lazy parents who are too self absorbed to control their children and then watch these children grow into the same self absorbed people as their parents. It needs to stop and I am PROUD that this lady stood up for her own business and her customers against the people just doing whatever the heck they wanted. The parents of this child should be embaressed for their own actions. Children cry, it is our responsibility as parents not to allow that kind of disruption to people. Take your kid to the car and stop being a lazy lump.

  • moriah connor

    I cant stand shit like this i have thre small children of my on ….. Kids are going to be kids sometimes there should be an exception. 2 in under. My kids dnt do that in public becuase i do belive in spankings when they are needed but why is it that you fucks are parting with the owner shes wrong for yelling in that childs face if that was my child remember not even 2 yets face i would have fucked some shit up n some ppl as well. She could have done that a different way as an adult an as an owner of a restraunt. N mom you should have walked out with your child n talked until you child was calm n understood its not ok ..

  • Meka

    That owner would have been in the hospital due to me BEATING HER A** no one will talk to my child any kinda way. But then again i wouldn’t have that problem because I have common sense to know when a child is out of control to remove them from the situation. Shame on the parents for not removing the child, but shame on the owner for thinking she can yell at someone elses child.

    • Ted Bundy

      That owner would have been in the hospital due to me BEATING HER A** no one will talk to my child any kinda way.”

      wow. it’s like they grow you people in trees. you and the other two can all go to county jail together, and enjoy the prosecution for physical assault together. if violence is your go to solution for something this trivial, i suspect this wouldn’t be your first trip to county…

  • Rachel rubino

    Oh Tara, you turned to your “20” month old and said this is how I’m not going to raise you to be as if she understood? lol. While the owner of the diner does seem to be a little “off” and over exaggerating I, along with so many other people who have to listen to screaming children have to applaud her. Did she handle it 100 percent correct? No, she didn’t. But when she asked you to leave maybe you should have. Maybe you should have tried to calm your child down or taken her in the bathroom or simply paid her some attention . As a restaurant industry person and patron of restaurants I see both sides of it. You seem to be full of excuses as to why you couldn’t calm her down. You clearly failed to realize that there was 70+ other people trying to relax in there to. It gets annoying and uncomfortable for everyone quickly to have to listen to that. And yes kids will be kids and have tantrums but if you were just ignoring her to let it “ride itself out” then that was wrong and rude on your part to those around you. You and the owner have very different stories. As far as you not wanting to “raise your child in a society like this”…… Have a look around, this world gets tougher everyday. And people get more rude and ignorant everyday. So quit your whining and just teach your little one to handle this cruel world and to see the beauty in it to. As for the owner, she clearly had some provocation to respond how she did. Was it proper? I’d have to say no. I would have handled it much differently. And of course your waitress was embarrassed. She relies on tips so I’m sure the last thing she wanted was to be caught In the middle of that mess. That all being said, understand that perception is reality. Everyone has a right to eat out and not listen to kids scream while the parents sit and ignore them.

    • Rachel rubino

      I think everyone agrees yelling at the kid was wrong. But let’s face it, she is a little cray cray. Well based on what I see in her interview anyway. But if you listen to the moms interview she has all these excuses why she couldn’t handle her kid. I hate that. People coddle kids so bad nowadays and God forbid you say something about someone else’s child’s behavior….. Then your the a hole. I think that’s more because parents take it as a personal strike or insult to them not so much the child. Well then control your kid . Idc how old the kid is there’s so many things she could have tried to calm her. When non of that worked, it would have been time to go. I doubt anyone would have cared so much about the child crying if the mom had been at least Trying to calm her down. As for the 3 large pancakes…… Who gives a shit! Really lady it’s a diner. Lol

  • Ryan

    I have absolutely no problem with what the diner owner did. If the parent isn’t going to handle the situation, then I will. They had every opportunity to take the child outside to calm her down or any other number of choices. They chose to do nothing

    • see47

      And let’s not stop there Ryan… that owner should have grabbed the little girl and thrown her out! You know the parents would have left then, right! Am I right good buddy? Yeah! Heck yeah! That’s what America needs! More anger! More rage! Yeah! WAY TO GO!

  • Heather

    The owner did something unprofessional, however why would the mother post that the owner should’ve spoken to her not her child when it says she was spoken to and asked to either get her child to stop crying after an hour or leave?! I’m sure the owner, staff, and other customers were grateful SOMEONE got the child to shut up! I hate having to listen to screams while out!

  • Aaron

    I don’t think the diner owner did anything wrong in the way she handled the situation, if you are going to take your kid or kids somewhere that has a lot of people and you are going to cause them to get upset and scream and or cry then it’s your responsibility to be courteous to others and quiet your child.

  • Jill

    It’s time for adults only restaurants. This happens to often to be a fluke. Parents rarely take responsibility for their child’s behavior anymore or the disrespect they show to other diners when they allow this behavior to go unchecked. This is the fault of the parents completely. And they should be ashamed of how they handled it. Next time stay home. Your not the only one paying for your meal.

  • Christine Deponte

    I think the parents should of feed the baby or taken her outside however I think the owner handled it wrong by yelling at a baby that was crying because she is hungry, I also think calling her a monster is messed up and not called for. She was only doing what tots do and when hungry they cry. I don’t agree with what the parents did or didn’t do but I don’t agree with how the owner handled it either. I have 4 kids and I never yelled or spanked them and they are not spoiled little monsters. I don’t believe you have to yell or spank children to get them to behave.

  • Erin Kimberly

    The owner should have handled the situation a little more professionally. The parents were not doing a good job obviously, but if anyone should have been yelled out, it should have been the parents. She should have just made them leave. I understand kids screaming can be more than irritating. But taking frustration out on a kid, especially one who is that young that cannot communicate easily, isn’t very fair. Especially when the kid was already hungry & being ignored by the parents. However, I do think It’s a bit ridiculous how the mom is so defense of her child & so upset about someone yelling at her kid. I personally think that neglecting your kid, by not feeding them when they are obviously hungry & ignoring them when they are obviously upset, is way worse than yelling at them to stop crying.

  • The Decider

    I think people need to read the comments more clearly before running their mouths. I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that the parents are morons. But it is really not OK to direct such anger at a helpless child. 2 years old. This is all the parents fault, but that diner owner is as trashy as trash comes for putting all of her frustration and anger on a 2 year old. Anyone who thinks this behavior directed at a child is OK should not be allowed to have kids. People who can’t control their anger toward a child usually end up killing them or seriously and permanently injuring them. The issues are the parents are retards and the owner handled this extremely poorly.

  • darla

    Yeah I don’t like being in a restaurant with screaming kids take them to the restroom or outside or feed them to quiet them, but I also wouldn’t let someone like this lady to yell at my child either, so i agree both were wrong

  • jessica

    Am I the only one over here like man I sure am hungry for some pancakes now!
    Or exactly how “large” are these pancakes?
    I think these pancakes will be famous now!

  • Krystal

    I leave all the time when my kids can’t handle themselves… Every other person eating shouldn’t have to hear my kids throwing fits… But I also order them food to eat and not just look at so I support the owner YELL MORE maybe other parents will get it too

  • chigirl

    I would have taken my kids out, fed them, or brought snacks. Stupid Parents make stupid parenting. This owner had to do what she needed to do to get there attention. And if that is what it took to get the parents to respond to there kid then oh well sad face. These parents should have taken care of this kid so that she wouldnt have been so disruptive in the diner.

  • Emily

    The parents should have taken the child home if they weren’t going to feed her and have her just sit there and cry bothering other customers. I think the owner did what she had to do.

  • Sawtooth

    Everyone keeps saying “she yelled at a child!!!”, but the article clearly says that she slammed her hands on the counter and said, “THIS NEEDS TO STOP!”, directed at the family a few feet away. And the baby stopped crying. She didn’t grab the kid, or get in the kid’s face. She was obviously yelling at the idiot parents, which caught the child’s attention in a big way. So your “I’d f that bitch up if she…blahblahblah” is invalid, and you’re probably horrible parents if you think this way.



  • RashadFRamirez

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  • Sara

    Someone I know has a monster 3 year old because they do not discipline him. He hits them and other kids, yells in their faces, and does dangerous things like jump off furniture. He will do this or worse when he is a teen and it will not be cute. All the wierdos who are threatening ass whooping on this post are probably the crappy parents who can discipline an adult but not thier kid! Your kid will be the one kicking your ass later if you dont give time outs and boundaries now. When they go to school and have behaviour problems they will get pills then statistically be drugged adults. All because someone didn’t say no or put time outs as deterent. Team owner!

  • chuck

    As a former chef, I’ve seen these situations play out numerous times. Some parent or parents, used to ignoring their screaming kids at home, decides to inflict their dysfunctional family drama on complete strangers in a public place. Then the sadly typical scene begins: a person holding an entire room hostage via the narcissist belief that “we have a right to take our children out to public places! ” Not, however, the corresponding duty to monitor the behavior of these children. Nope, just more of that “it takes a village” swill that passes for parenting these days. So, the dining experience of dozens of others is wrecked by these nitwits. Maybe some of these people came out for the food. Others to escape other issues in their life, or on a date, or to discuss important stuff over a meal. Whatever, now this new drama takes over the entire scene. Everyone thinking, “will somebody PLEASE stop this maddening crap?”.
    So now, no matter how good the food is rated by zagat, or how much the other diners have looked forward to dining here, the establishment has this random unpleasant element which will now be remembered by patrons instead of the food. Food that this establishment has sweated blood to create, personal money and their entire heart and soul to keep alive, in a precarious industry. All of it shit upon by some idiotic, self absorbed “Parent”. Later, when one of the patron witnesses of this thing suggests going back to the restaurant, others will say no, remembering the baby scene. Thanks for your business, shitty parent. Hope you at least tipped, but you probably spent it on a rattle to annoy other people elsewhere instead.

    • Saint Agnostic

      I’m for the owner 100%. I don’t blame the kids. I blame their dysfunctional, self-entitled, and selfish parents!
      It’s easy to make a kid. Very hard to raise them. “To plant a seed is easy, touch the ground. But it doesn’t make it grow!” ~ Sass Jordan

      But remember there is no such thing as bad publicity! Personally, when I visit that area of the USA, in Portland Maine, for sure I will detour and visit Marcy’s Diner! If possible, I shall shake the owner’s hand, in encouragement and appreciation for her courage at standing up to what’s wrong with our society.

      It’s amazing we need licenses/diplomas for everything in this word, but no licenses or permits are necessary to become parent… Hence the results we witness today. A society where common-sense, and respect disappear. Shame on these lame excuse of self-entitled selfish parents. They are the true root cause to evils in our society.

  • JoshuaSColeman

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  • Casey

    Good for that owner. I so appreciate one that will value ALL their customers, and not just the breeders who can’t be bothered to show courtesy to the rest of the world. (and IMO those are just the people who should NOT be breeding in the first place!). So often these jerk parents will destroy a meal for hundreds of people, and the establishment owner just cowers in the back hoping they’ll leave. They’re wrong – because that’s a place I’ll never go again. I’d eat there, and I hope the customers she respected will continue to eat with her in the future.

  • Garydcleary

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  • David K

    I think that unless you hear the whole story from the perspectives of BOTH sides, as well as the other patrons, making comments favoring one side or another may be a bit premature. I don’t think we have enough evidence to know who is really right in this case, and quite possibly, there’s blame on both sides.

    Did the parents really not try to get their kid to stop crying? Keep in mind it was raining out, so taking the kid outside wasn’t a good option. Did the restaurant owner/server try to talk to the parents calmly first before yelling at the kid? I don’t think we really know the whole story

  • see47

    My favorite part of this article is that it’s not authored by anyone other than “Tribune Media Wire”. This means they get to write an incendiary piece of crap article in order to get as many people to post on it as possible and the reader has no way to actually tell the author they are a hack.
    The article is WAY slanted towards the owner. Was the owner right in doing what she did? I don’t think so. I don’t think anyone is right when they let their frustrations turn to rage (not to mention turning that rage onto a child).
    Based on the owners responses, this seems the norm. I’m glad I don’t work for her. She says her pounding on a counter screaming at a little girl to quiet her made the customers and her workers happy? Doubtful.
    Still, were the parents right in letting a child cry in restaurant? I don’t think so. There were ways to handle this situation so that it never should’ve been a situation.
    I think consideration for others should outweigh whatever parenting technique they may have (or not have) been trying out.
    This being said, this is a crap article that I wish I hadn’t spent so much time on.

  • No One in Particular

    Who doesn’t act deranged when they listen to screaming for and hour? Especially when it isn’t even your spawn. My kid cries and won’t stop for whatever reason, I ask for boxes and we leave. Kids earn from it, other diners appreciate it.

  • Childfree By Choice

    Finally someone did something! I cannot stand noisy children who are running all over the place. What I hate even more are parents who can’t be bothered to discipline their kids and stop inappropriate behavior.
    Ps. Of course the mommy has that ridiculous rainbow profile picture. She must be one of those awful liberals who make such a big deal out of nothing.

  • Kenny Wang

    This restaurant owner should be praised. She was doing it out of respect for the other customers.
    Whoever those parents are, they are irresponsible and stupid. I feel like this might have been some kind of setup.

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