King County poised to put $400 million early childhood levy on ballot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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SEATTLE -- Get ready for another tax measure on this fall’s ballot.

King County Council leaders are putting the final touches on what is expected to be a nearly $400 million property tax measure.  The money is to help newborns and young infants who are at risk of developing big problems as they grow up.

King County Executive Dow Constantine is leading the charge for this new plan, arguing that it’s the best way to ensure opportunity for all.

“The failure to invest early leads to much costlier crisis interventions later,” Constantine said during his “State of the County” address in April.

Constantine argues that science is on his side.  He points to studies demonstrating that making sure babies are born healthy and have the necessary resources in the first months enable the infants to do much better.

“Every child who drops out or gets kicked out or locked up marks our failure as a community to provide the love and care support that every child needs,” Constantine said in April.  “These kids aren’t failing us, we are failing them.”

Here are the details of what’s being called the “Best Starts for Kids” Levy:

  • $392 million property tax
  • $56/year for average homeowner
  • Six years

These are some of the services that will be funded:

  • Prenatal care
  • Development screening
  • Homeless prevention for families
  • Some programs for those over 5 years of age

Critics argue that this levy might be well-intentioned but that it’s just too much money at a time when many are still struggling.

The November ballot is already shaping up to be expensive.  Seattle voters will face nearly $1 billion in requests for transportation and campaign financing.

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  • ShadowWalker59

    Sorry, no go!! THAT, is the role of, now get this………..nobody else, not the ‘community’, not the county, not the state, it is the responsibility of the………………PARENTS!!!! Use whatever piece of garbage you want to put it under, it is NOT, the responsibility of any part of………GOVERNMENT!!! The ‘community’?…….does NOT raise your kids!! I’d be damned if I would let any government entity even come close to having any part of rearing my children! Today’s society has gone crackers, if they want to believe this bit of manure!! The ‘community?’, has absolutely no responsibility OR right, to take over the raising of anyone’s children…….to see that they get everything to make them whatever the state wants them to be? Get out of town!! Hitler would be proud!!!!

  • RashadFRamirez

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  • Ted

    Two men are stranded on an island they are starving and they manage to trap a seagull but one of the two men is bigger and stronger so he takes the entire bird the other man dies of starvation, two weeks later the stronger man dies of hunger because alone he can’t trap anymore seagulls! This important lesson should be required for REPUBLICANS.

  • Jispher Askine

    So 55% of my current property taxes are not enough, they want more money to waste. An I don’t even have any kids! I’d rather see my percentage go to local roads, police, and fire departments.

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