Brush fire spreads, destroys 121 public storage units in Puyallup (PHOTOS)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PUYALLUP — A brush fire moved to a public storage facility on Canyon Road in Puyallup Friday afternoon and destroyed 121 storage units, Central Pierce Fire said. Officials said they had the fire under control by 6 p.m.

One of three storage buildings at the facility is a complete loss, Central Pierce Fire officials said.

Occupants of nearby apartments at one point were put on standby for possible evacuation.  But no evacuations were ordered. The apartments have exterior heat damage, however, officials said.

Businesses to the south were evacuated because of heavy smoke in the area.

No injuries were reported.




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  • ExEmployee

    Sorry i have to laugh. I managed this store when it was still Shurgard. No love list there.

    I hope the tenants all got the insurance our they’re screwed.

    • Wow

      What an insensitive remark. Regardless of what you may have felt about a past employer, these were people’s lives! Some lost everything they owned tonight. Have some sympathy or don’t comment. Your rude words add salt to a fresh wound.


        It’s the company’s fault due to negligence in never clearing brush behind the building. Corporate upper management is to blame for being too cheap. Homeowners are told to keep the area around their houses clear, and businesses should do the same. The tenants should sue.

  • JeffreyBHubbard

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    The fire probably would have never made it to the building if it hadn’t been for the negligence of the upper management of the company in being too cheap to ever cut the brush down that was behind the building. With how high it would get behind there, I’m not surprised it spread to the building from the freeway ramp.

    Too bad the company won’t suffer much, but I feel bad for everyone that lost their stuff. Even if they manage to get a dime from this uncaring company, it won’t replace many of the things lost.


        No surprise there. More to my post of it being PS Corporate’s negligence in being too cheap to pay to keep the area around the buildings clear:

        “Building burned because no defendable space,” Central Pierce Fire Tweeted. “The trees were flush with the building. 30 ft needed around structures.”


    “Building burned because no defendable space,” Central Pierce Fire Tweeted. “The trees were flush with the building. 30 ft needed around structures.”

    Start suing people!

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