Group raises stink over city garbage ordinance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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SEATTLE -- A group from Seattle that says one man's trash isn't another man's business filed a lawsuit Thursday, claiming the rights of many people are being violated by a city ordinance.

The ordinance prohibits people from throwing food waste and compost into garbage cans. Crews will visually inspect garbage to make sure residents are following this new rule or they will be fined.

Attorney Ethan Blevins filed the suit.

Blevins said, "The city has authorized inspectors and trash collectors to engage in widespread and weekly surveillance of businesses and residence garbage cans."

Keli Carender is one of the many plaintiffs named in the lawsuit. Carender said she received two warnings from the city about placing compost in her garbage. She says that's impossible because she diligently separates the two

Carender said, "The whole thing is completely lame and everyone else says it’s not necessary. We were voluntarily composting everything."

An attorney for the City of Seattle just received the suit and would not comment on the litigation yet.

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  • BearTex3

    I say if they are going to fine you for your trash then stand against them and just throw your trash on the street and let them figure it out then. Leave your name out if your trash. If enough people protest this way and the city has to deal with all the trash mess then maybe they will pull their heads out of their ass and quit trying to control everything people do. I mean come on. Fine people for the wrong trash. OMFG

  • "peety"

    put it on my tab, said the taxpayer….. sigh

    We need to stop these costly lawsuits filed by people who have no idea what they are talking about or how the law works.

    • DeveG

      I cant handle reading your comments anymore, “put it on my tab” are you effing kidding me. We pay taxes regardless so idk how that has anything to do with it, and the law has nothing to do with why the city is changing its policy on trash. As for the lawsuits ITS A FREE COUNTRY, one I served to protect so that people like you can say the stupid S**t you do, and so the people filing these so called “costly lawsuits” ( because one side or the other pays for it, its why city’s have budgets for events like this) could do so…… ITS CALLED FREEDOM. you need to seriously consider what kinda of stupid crap you say before you say it. SMFH. You too have freedom of speech, but you need to educate yourself before speaking about well…. anything. You seem to think you know it all. That being said, maybe the city needs the lawsuit, it might get them in gear and working on a solution to this obvious issue.

      • "peety"

        it’s a frivolous lawsuit. Your garbage, when placed on the street, is not protected. Anyone can go through your garbage and the courts have confirmed that over and over,

        If this group spent a few hours understanding the law, they would know they have no case and all they are doing is adding costs to the taxpayer

        But, it probably won’t be much since the first judge who sees it will toss it out.

  • junior

    Garbage collection is a huge money maker and that is without the collection fees. Americans throw away tons of valuable stuff, besides that which can be incinerated to make electricity. The profits could be used to pay people to sort garbage and buy equipment that does most sorting automatically. But that wouldn’t give government more control and the heavily lobbying collection industry more lucrative government contracts limiting competition. Bring back competition and garbage companies would be fighting to collect your garbage for free. And they would thank you for NOT sorting out the recyclables and other valuables they can make extra profit from.

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