Search for missing Idaho boy, 2, called off; parents believe he was abducted

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BOISE, Idaho — Authorities have called off a search for a two-year-old boy who wandered off from his family’s campsite near Timber Creek Reservoir.

The search for Deorr Kunz was called off Sunday after search and rescue members were unable to locate the boy after surveying a two-mile radius of the campsite. It remains unclear whether the search might be resumed later.

The boy’s parents, Deorr Kunz, Sr. and Jessica Mitchell, told they believe their son was abducted, but they have faith he is still alive.

“We’re looking for you son and we will find you,” Kunz said. “We love you more than anything in the world. You have a lot of people that love you, and buddy, we’ll find you.”

At one point there were more than 150 people involved in the search after the boy’s family reported him missing Friday afternoon.

A helicopter, search and rescue team, search dogs, Lemhi County staff, Salmon Police Department staff and volunteers had all been searching the area for Kunz.

The boy has blonde bushy hair and was wearing a camouflage jacket, blue pajama pants and cowboy boots.

From CNN/

From CNN/

“As his father I believe, and a lot of people agree with me, that he is no longer up the mountain anymore,” Kunz told the site.

Kunz said he thought the boy’s grandparents were watching him, and the grandparents thought the boy’s parents had him.

“He doesn’t go anywhere without his blanket, his cup, or his monkey. All three of them were left at the campground.” Mitchell told “We’ll continue to look until he’s found. We don’t care how long it takes.”

The boy’s parents asked that people continue to share their son’s photo in hopes that he’ll be found alive soon.

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  • Lane

    This makes me wish that children were micro chipped like pets get…why are they not?? this is the same scenario as a pet disappearing….

    • Chris

      You would still have to find them first. The chip just makes sure they get back to the right owner. It’s not a gps devise lol

      • Heidi

        They do have gps devices for animals to be chipped with. However when it was brought up for children, they claimed it was “wrong” however being the mother of 3 and 1 on the way, I would do it the day they are born and remove it at age 18. The world is no longer safe! I sure hope this precious baby is found safe!

    • kay

      This is a child! Not a dog! Not even remotely the same. I pray you never have children! Anyone who can Say they are th

  • It's her body

    The parents are concerned now?? They didn’t give two shits earlier when he was gone. Fuck people like this, those two idiots that had sex and had a kid into this world and not care for should be in prison

    • Becca

      They looked for him as soon as they found out he was gone. The parents thought he was with the grandparents, the grandparents thought he was with the parents, it was just a tragic misunderstanding.

      • Nancy Farkas

        Tragic misunderstanding?Is that a joke? You have FOUR adults and NONE Of them were watching him? I call that neglect. And if he “never” leaves anywhere without him monkey,cup or blanket? Then how are they still at the campground? How did this child just “disappear”? They have searched with dogs ,helicopters and more and found NOTHING. How is that possible?

      • Chris

        the grandpa said that he turned his head and the boy just vanished. Now, the grandpa says, he thought the parents had him and the parents thought the grandpa had him. I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m just wondering, why are the stories changing? Was grandpa watching him or not?

  • EdwardAPeak

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    • Dalinda

      You are sick advertising on the comments section no common sense or what idiot it’s about a child’s life not your pathetic life or your stupid work at home scheme you Are a real sicko……

  • Giselle

    Then why call off the search if you will still be looking for him? Something stinks in Denmark. Prayers for baby boys safety.

    • cassierose8

      They called off the search for him in the mountain…no longer a missing child, it’s now being treated as an abduction. They are not going to stop searching for him, I can only assume they are stopping the search in the mountain so they can get to searching elsewhere.

      • Susan

        I haven’t seen any mention of anyone else being around in any article I’ve read. Nobody was watching, but everyone thinks he was abducted?

        Like someone was just waiting in the woods for a family to show up and lose track of a kid so they could take him right from their campground?

        The story doesn’t make a lot of sense unless they are leaving out key details.

        • cynthia

          I agree, my son went misding at the age of 19 for 6 weeks before he was found. I litteraly just drove in my car in a state of panic and out of body for hours and hours searching for him.
          We were lucky because he was older and was able to get out of the situation, sadly we still do not know the extent of what he went through. I you have a child go misding no matter what age and you are not living in a sea of fear, and panic, you should never have children.
          Someone in this family needs to speak up.

  • jen

    This is so sad, unimaginable. I pray he will be found alive and well and god and his angel protect him. Find a team of hunting dogs with his sent:(. Best of luck

  • linda

    I hope they find that baby well. But , and I hate to say this, the parents are too calm. If it were my child I would be CRAZY and would not be able to sit calmly and talk about my child. I would right out of my mind.

    • Lisa

      I have to agree, I was shocked to see how calm these parents were. And having a young toddler myself, even when I am with my husband at home, and I notice her not around me, I will say “Is she with you?” As I go walking in the house to make note if she is in her room or the living room. Even when we are on my parent’s farm, I always make sure I know who is with her and make a note to say “I am going in the house or barn, she is with you.” My family teases me a lot for this but I have always done it.

      I am just surprised everyone of these adults who loved this child just assumed without asking?

  • ThomasMWright

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  • Connie

    Ya, Somethings not right here, I would be a basket case, not calm like they are! I hope they find him, so innocent and cute, but it doesn’t sound good.

  • Ana

    Has anyone considered that with the scent tracking dogs leading to the water, that perhaps an animal could have been feeding at that water? Then my mind wanders from there.. any bear caves around the area?

    • Diane

      Iol I love when people think they know more than trained police/CSI investigators. I’m sure they haven’t thought of that! Maybe you should call a tip line and help with the investigation

    • Diane

      Iol I love when people think they know more than trained police/CSI investigators. I’m sure they haven’t thought of that! Maybe you should call a tip line and help with the investigation

  • Zman

    he will be found in a few days but no hope in finding him alive. People you must educate yourself s. Read the Book Missing 411 this is happening in all the national parks.

  • Jen

    I hate to say this, but it doesn’t say they checked the reservoir. It seems like these campground child disappearances are always eventually found in the nearby body of water. Ugh! Very sad!

  • Vikki

    This is Untrue. The search is,in fact,ongoing. I live within driving distance from the site,we listen to local news every night and nothing has been said about calling off this search. Local News 8

    • Jen

      Since there were noother campers or witnesses how do we even know he was ever even there??? This could be a cover for something far more sinister

    • Trish

      Hope they find this precious little boy alive and well….I just could not imagine this horror.Dear God please help the people find him and bring him home safely. In Jesus name,I pray….Amen

  • Thomas Elsbury

    Wake up America
    Mountain lions do see us as part of their food-chain despite fish and game departments and wildlife advocates claim that they only want to live in harmony. Thus, how is it possible that every lion that attacks a child in a campground is discovered and intercepted before they can abscond with their catch; especially so when the children that simply disappear from them without a trace as Deorr Kunz did are then referred to—without evidence—as having either wandered off, been kidnapped, or been murdered by their next of kin? Albeit . The Sherriff Department officers, due to the circumstances of his disappearance, know that he wasn’t abducted by a stranger or killed by his family so where did they next look for his body in a wolf den! Political correctness, even though there have been numerous known attacks by cougars on children in campgrounds and not one by a wolf, demands that they dare not even think that he was carried off by a starving mountain lion.
    Therefore, given the “illogical” results of said investigations if “even” for a moment one still believe that fish and game personnel and lion advocates aren’t playing us for suckers, I have beach front property on the back side of our Moon’s surface that I’ll sell unseen for the low price of 30 grand a hundred foot. Contributed by Wildlife Biologist TJ Elsbury

    • me

      OH PLEASE! There is no proof the parents didn’t harm him…and no proof they even had him with them when they went camping! Mountain Lions…nice try…I realize that wild life ARE a threat…but I doubt that is the case this time…

  • me

    These are people who should NEVER have had children…I suspect foul play on the part of the family: Kaylee Anthony-wise. These are folks who are camping in the wilderness, have a toddler that NO ONE is watching (duh), and he disappears without a trace, as if he wasn’t even there…he wasn’t abducted. One of those sick FUCKERS killed him or sold him, and are only PRETENDING he made it to the campground. What a waste of time and effort to find a kid that they know is already dead…

  • Lori Severo

    I am so sorry for what you’re family has gone through, I am glad you found his remains But They Still Should Have Given Him Death For What He Did To Your Beautiful Little Boy And The Family My Prayers Go Out To You

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