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Man dies after getting pepper-sprayed by police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man arrested by Alabama police died shortly after he was pepper-sprayed, and investigators are trying to figure out why.

A Tuscaloosa resident called police Friday night after spotting Anthony Dewayne Ware, 35, sitting on the front porch of a home with a gun, police said.

“Mr. Ware had an active warrant that had been verified for attempting to elude police,” Tuscaloosa police Asst. Chief Ronnie Dunn said.

When officers arrived, police said, Ware bolted and fled into the nearby woods.

“Officers chased him into the woods, and when the officers caught up to him, he resisted arrest,” Dunn said.

Police pepper-sprayed Ware, who continued struggling but was eventually handcuffed, Dunn said. But while officers were walking out of the woods with him, Ware collapsed.

Officers performed CPR and called for medical help, police said. But after arriving at a local hospital, Ware was pronounced dead.

A team of investigators from both inside and outside the Tuscaloosa Police Department has launched a probe into the death.

Dunn said the incident was captured on video, which will be released to the public “as soon as the Tuscaloosa County homicide investigators say it can be released without hindering the ongoing investigation.”

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  • derek

    charge the police. they are guilty of murder. he did not die of paper spray that will not kill you. he got his arse kicked by them that killed him. they violated his civil rights. man wish i was on a jury sometime.

    • Dean

      Most of these stories involve criminals running from the police and resisting arrest. RIP, but i don’t feel sorry for him. Play the race card all you want, doesn’t change the facts.

    • Chris

      Don’t run from police…

      A dumb decision cost this man his life. If he did have a warrant for his arrest he should have been a man and owned up to and taken care of it.

  • Peter Ward

    So is this going to be another suggestive cops hurting black people thing or what? People get pepper sprayed all the time for doing something wrong. He chose to do wrong. What about that is recipe for a martyr?

  • GarySHughey

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