Heartless hospital car crook who stole from hurt mom and her child — turned in by his mother

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The mom of a suspected car thief is apologizing for her son’s alleged actions.

The surveillance video shows the suspect walk around the parking garage at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup last month.

He scoped out a Honda and ended up taking off in it.

The suspect’s mom ended up turning him in. Kathy Moriarty says she hopes her son will turn his life around and wants to tell the woman who owns the car that she’s sorry. “I just want the best for him. I’m very disappointed in him. I’m truly sorry she had to be the victim

She says her son has had drug problems since an early age and she hopes he will get the help he needs while he is behind bars.

Surveillance video shows the thief walk around the parking garage at MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup last month.

He scopes out a Honda and this is where it gets unique -- he uses an unsuspecting way to steal the car with what detectives call a "Jiggle Key" that unlocks the door just like you would on your own car. It works and he takes off in it. “The suspect appeared to be the person who owned the car because he walked up entered the car and any person walking through the parking garage would know no different,” says Puyallup Police Capt. Scott Engle.

The car belonged to Michelle Thompson. She'd fallen and needed help at the hospital and couldn't believe her eyes when she went to go home. "I come walking out with the boot, crutches, everything and find out my car is gone, so I had to walk back into the hospital and ask, 'Did my car get moved? Did it get towed? Was I in the wrong spot? They had to end up calling security and I had to go ride with them around the whole entire garage and figure out was my car moved, was it stolen, what? It was frustrating because, you know, the hospital’s supposed to be that safe place inside and out and I didn't feel safe anymore. My car was taken. I had my daughter's stroller in there. I had her car seat. I had all my belongings and I definitely felt violated.”

Michelle's car was found a couple days later dumped in Tacoma with some of its parts stripped and everything swiped from inside.

She drives it, but as you can imagine it just doesn't feel right.

Detectives think the suspect is white, in his 20's, with a thin build, short beard and tattoos on his lower left arm.

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