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Creepiest doll ever for sale in Tacoma, or Internet hoax?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TACOMA — We’re so used to seeing shocking, disturbing stuff on the Internet these days, it’s rare something truly weirds us out.

That is, until we spotted this doll.

Reddit user Redditorro posted a photo of a porcelain doll allegedly for sale in Tacoma. Redditorro said the seller would take any price for the doll, as their daughter simply didn’t want it anymore. Can you guess why?

Dog that won’t stop barking? Never find it where they left it? Cute laugh WITHOUT batteries? Nope, nope and nope.

The creepiness was undeniable, other Reddit users said.

“I can already see this doll disappearing until Halloween and it showing up when you are driving at night in the backseat… BUCKLED up,” one user said.

But alas, like finding creepy stuff on the Internet, debunking the myth of creepy stuff is just as easy. From Maine to Virginia, similar postings worded the exact same way for different dolls can be found.

It’s more likely this is just a crafty Internet hoax than an actual creepy porcelain doll awaiting sale in Tacoma.

UNLESS… unless there are multiple dolls around the country that talk without batteries. That’s some next level creepy stuff.

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  • heidi smith

    I make zombie baby dolls and there are a ton of people on the website that make and sell similar dolls there are also legit haunted dolls that are being sold on there this would be a good place to sell the doll i think the doll should be tested with paranormal devices and checked for activity or someone who specializes in dolls that are spirited and produce high levels of emf to find out if the doll has any evil spirit inside of it. Heidi S. Lakebay wa

  • Chit * Chat

    Well.. if that were my doll.. . it would be doused in holy water…..burned to cinders… and the ashes dumped in a remote place. IF IF IF that info is accurate why would you ever pass that on to anyone?

  • AbigailDBerg

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