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Seattle City Council president proposes new gun tax, reporting requirement

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Firearms Enthusiasts Practice Shooting At Gun Range

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SEATTLE — A pair of bills proposed by Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess would tax gun and ammunition sales in the city, as well as require owners to tell police about lost and stolen firearms, the Seattle Times reports. 

The proposed tax would be imposed on gun cellars and amount to$25 on each firearm sold, and five cents on each round of ammunition, the Times reports.

According to the Times, Burgess said the revenue from the taxes on ammo and guns could go to fund gun-violence-prevention programs. Burgess said taxpayers shelled out $12 million as 253 gunshot victims were treated at Harborview Medical Center last year.

“Gun violence is expensive,” Burgess said.

Not reporting a lost or stolen gun could result in a $500 fine under Burgess’ plan. Burgess told the Times the reporting requirement would better allow police to track lost or stolen guns used in a crime.

Seattle would likely be sued by guns-rights groups if either bill passed. State laws largely prohibit municipalities from regulating firearms.

A few opponents of Burgess said the proposals come as the interim President is running for city council re-election, and he hopes of boosting his progressive appeal.




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  • tootietuttle

    this should keep the ignorant left wing happy in seattle…won’t do much for crime, but keeping dems ignorant is what is best. Maybe propose an extra $25 tax if you shoot someone?

  • Ann

    Oh———-so this whole idea, is just in hopes that it’ll get him re-elected. Figures. Only for political reasons. A political stunt, that will end up costing tax payers millions in legal fees, as it’s against state law for a city to try and regulate guns in any fashion. Brilliant idiot. Oh, and don’t get the wrong idea. I’m so completely against this, it’s not even funny. Fire the idiot who’s idea this was.

  • WashingtonPhan

    I’m sick and tired of the bravado of those Seattleites. They act so high and mighty as if they were royalty compared to everyone else in King County. They’ll happily parade around so-called common sense solutions to gun violence, when in reality, none of their proposed solutions would stop the majority of gun violence. Instead, most of these jerks like to ingratiate themselves for any restrictions on law abiding gun owners.

  • Derek

    Black people seem to be shooting themselves alot. Look at detroit chicago pholadelphia.
    I am assuming majority of gun owners are white.
    White people should give up their guns so black people will stop shooting each other otherwise white people are racist.
    Black people cannot stop shooting themselves they cannot take care of themselves. White people need to take care of black pepple they cannot take care of themselves.
    Because black people are shooting themselves white people in the suburbs should have their guns taken away.
    Even though the violence in the suburbs does not compare to the inner city.

  • Jispher Askine

    So the city of Seattle wants guns shops to relocate to elsewhere an loose the current tax base they get from them now, well OK.

  • Scott Davis

    “The proposed tax would be imposed on gun cellars” Who does your proof reading? I guess folks better keep their guns upstairs. I don’t know which is more laughable this proposed law that violates the state constitution or Q13’s editing.

  • d_2

    State laws largely prohibit municipalities from regulating firearms. That alone speaks volumes to the complete ignorance Burgess exercises. Gun violence is expensive… so the answer is to tax the law abiding citizen then? Criminals get a free ride? Complete idiot!

  • Resident

    Oh, the comment forums will light up over this one. But if you live in Seattle remember to actually vote in the next council election.

  • Steve Maxwell

    Another brain dead idea from progressive extremists aimed at eliminating the 2nd Amendment. Funny how these same folks say they care for the poor…now only the rich will be able to afford to defend themselves.

  • Mark Dietzler

    Left unsaid is how the city plans to get around the state pre-emption laws on firearms, which bars the city from doing what it proposes in the first place. You would think they would know this already, after the way Mayor Nichols got his gun bans in city parks thrown out in court.
    But then, following the law is optional with Progressives, isn’t it? The feds have given up all pretense on doing so, so why shouldn’t city governments do the same?

  • dg54321

    Burgess is an idiot, as always. I do agree with the reporting of lost or stolen firearms though….I’m struggling to think of a reason not to. Obviously no overall list should be kept of gun owners or what they own, but how can the police do their jobs if you don’t let them know when a gun is stolen, so they can get it back to you if found on a criminal, and gun shops can know to keep an eye out for it? Please, give me a reason why we shouldn’t do that, because I hate giving government power…..but this sounds like just letting the police do their jobs they are already empowered to do…..

  • greg

    and this guy is the president? – what a parasite

    politicians like him don’t bring any real value to the game so they push low yield controversial buttons to give the appearance of action and then piss away the public’s money on it

  • ThomasPSiegle

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  • slickster

    Simple solution to me would to just go to a neighboring town and buy your guns and ammo. Of course the gun shops in Seattle would go bankrupt and Seattle would lose a lot of tax dollars, but oh well.

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