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King County man arrested for allegedly killing his grandmother, 21-year-old house sitter

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RENTON, Wash. (AP) — A King County man was arrested Wednesday after his grandmother and a 21-year-old house sitter were found dead in separate killings.

Renton police Cmdr. David Leibman says a family returning from vacation found their house sitter dead from an apparent gunshot wound just before midnight Tuesday. Their home is in the Rolling Hills neighborhood at 2000 block of SE 17th Court.

Leibman says Zachary Craven was booked into King County Jail on investigation of two counts of homicide on Wednesday.

Liebman says Craven is the former boyfriend of an adult daughter who lives in the Renton home. She was also on vacation with her family at the time of the murder.

He says there were no signs of a struggle at the home, and a motive was not immediately known.

Renton police say the man is also a suspect in a homicide in King County earlier in the day.

King County sheriff's Sgt. Stan Seo says a woman was found dead in the Skyway area Tuesday and investigators believe her grandson is the suspect. Seo says there is a court order protecting the grandmother from her grandson.

The family told police they grew suspicious when the sitter failed to pick them up from the airport as scheduled.

Anyone who has more information on the shooting case is encouraged to call 911.


Google Map for coordinates 47.464950 by -122.192427.

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  • Resident

    We, as a society, need to stop enabling these violent scumbags and just make it as difficult as possible for them to live that kind of life. Yes, its time to intrude heavily on that level of anti social behavior.

  • Paul

    This guy was my best friend since we were little I lived in the second house on the right from him. I never knew him to be violent when we were growing up. He was always a happy kid and really hardly got in trouble, we did cub scouts together, his grandfather took me with them to my first car drag racing event, and I spent the night at his house on several occasions. I lived on that street since I was 3(1992) up until I was 17(2007), when my family moved down to Fort Lewis. I visited him from time to time when ever I went back to see my grandmother who lived on the same street. I lost contact with him when I moved to South Korea in 2009 and didn’t see him again until 2011. I came back to the states to help take care of my grandmother who was going to have surgery, finish some college classes and work a job. I would see Zach from time to time and he offered to have me over for a bbq or drink some beer. But I was always to busy. Even during that brief reunion with him I didn’t see any hatred or viloence in him. He was even working a part time job at the lakeridge pool, so I don’t under what happened after that. I wish I had kept in touch with him, so that he had someone he could trust and and was a true friend.

    • Paul

      Sorry for the typos and some repeated words.

      I’m writing this on my phone it loves to change my words or repeat them.

    • mack echo

      Honestly Paul I could give fuck less what this piece of shit was like when you were younger. All i care about is that this worthless piece of shit felt he had the right to take the life of these two people. She was a family friend who we will never get back. its people like you who defend the actions of these people who should be along side him. She had no one at the end except looking into the eyes of this monster. Maybe you should have been here so that you could have taken her spot. This guy needs to die.
      Oh and ps we dont give a fuck about your typos you ignorant piece of shit

      • Paul Paar

        Where was I defending him Mack Echo? I just stated my personal experience growing up with him. I had never seen him do anything wrong during the time I was living around him. So I am shocked how quickly he turned into this person, that I don’t even recognize. So I don’t understand where your hostility towards me is coming from? To go so far as to say I am as bad as him when I did nothing. Don’t take your anger out on me by trying to twist my words. I agree that he is twisted in the head and something should be done with him. I don’t see any justification in anything that he has done and should be punished.

  • JosephDFaust

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