Police: Boy dies after being beaten for eating cake

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Child Abuse Generic

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Police say a 9-year-old boy has died after he was allegedly handcuffed and beaten for eating a piece of birthday cake without permission.

Hagerstown police Capt. Paul Kifer says Jack Garcia died Sunday at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington.

Kifer says police will confer Monday afternoon with Washington County prosecutors about bringing additional charges in the case.

The mother’s boyfriend, 30-year-old Robert Wilson, was charged Wednesday with first-degree assault and child abuse. His public defender hasn’t returned calls from The Associated Press.

The mother’s brother told police the boy was handcuffed Tuesday as punishment for stealing the birthday cake. He says Wilson hit the boy in stomach after the handcuffs were removed.

It’s not clear whose cake it was. The boy had had a birthday three days earlier.

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  • mac1fan

    Here again…mama’s boyfriend killed her child. You know this didn’t come out of nowhere. There had to have been violence from this horrid man before. Poor poor child. Mama needs to be arrested too, for allowing a violent animal near her child!!

  • Diane

    why are these women so stupid to leave kids with these type me you cant tell me they don’t pick up on it right away if not they are really stupid or just don’t care…Wow I agree mom’s should be charged too.

  • today was a good day

    Mother and this animal should be in jail. Never ever EVER leave your kids with someone that is not their father and think they are going to care of that child as if they were theirs. It is rare for other men/ women to take in a kid that is not theirs. I don’t care how much someone loves me he will not come near my kids no matter what!! I do the talking and dicipline no one else touches my children I don’t even care if it’s their dad. Most of these men are predetors either trying to get to the children or hurting the women. Ladies have to be very careful and very protective of their kids..

    • It's her body

      Totally agree! Stepkids in our home are disciplined Only by their biological parent. Anyone up for bets? That this is another welfare family?

  • The Decider

    I don’t know why tax payers dollars will be wasted on jailing this man. Give him to me and I’ll make sure he gets what he deserves. Free of charge. I cannot stand stories and people like this. Make him suffer. Words cannot explain the way crimes against children make me feel.

  • Deanne

    Who ever done this needs to be handcuffed and beat the same way .and as far as the mother of she has other children they need to be taken away y or how could anyone do that to a child

  • MichaelaKPederson

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  • An angry mother

    My prayers for the family of another fallen Angel….. What is this world coming to when people are killing their children and children of others. I cant wrap my mind around this…..I lknow in the bible it says we’re living in the last day’s. People please hold your children close , love them hard.We as parents are suppose to love charish &protect our kids. Not kill them. So parent’s if your praying, pray harder…… God bless all who has lost a loved one due to violence

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