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Man exposes himself while Marysville woman does yard work

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WARNING: Some details in this story are disturbing

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- A Marysville woman says she’s living in fear after a stranger exposed himself to her.

“He's got his shorts unzipped and he’s got his penis out and he’s masturbating right there in front of me,” she said.

The victim does not want to be identified because she's so shaken up. She says she was doing yard work when a stranger exposed himself to her Friday evening.

“You don’t expect it to happen in broad daylight on a busy road.”

The woman says it started with an innocent conversation, but things turned creepy as the man got closer.

“He started talking about how he liked my long hair, as he kept getting closer to me his voice kept getting faster.”

By the time she backed away the stranger had exposed himself.

“He just kept talking like it was no big deal he kept carrying the conversation.”

Shocked and terrified, the woman bolted to her home and called 911.

“I didn’t know at this point if he was going to take me back behind my bushes back behind my house and molest or rape me.”

Before police arrived, the suspect took off down an alley.

“It’s mentally and physically draining because in the back of my mind I am thinking he is coming back.”

She’s now keeping track of the sex offender registry looking for the man who stole her sense of security. So far she’s found two men who look similar to the suspect.

On Monday, Q13 FOX News alerted Marysville police about the two men. They promised to look into them and get back to us.

The victim says the suspect is a white man in his 40's, 250 pounds, standing 5'11”. He was wearing glasses, a tan-colored fedora hat, blue jean shorts and a green Hawaiian style shirt.

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