Woman in Washington died from measles, becoming first U.S. death from disease in 12 years

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

This thin-section transmission electron micrograph (TEM) revealed the ultrastructural appearance of a single virus particle, or virion, of measles virus. (Photo: CNN Wire)

OLYMPIA — The death of a Clallam County woman this spring was due to an undetected measles infection, the Washington State Department of Health reports, and is the first confirmed measles death in the U.S. in 12 years.

The woman was likely exposed to the measles during a recent outbreak in Clallam County, officials said. The woman, who was at the same medical facility where multiple cases were later reported, had several other health conditions that contributed to a suppressed immune system, officials said.

Her cause of death was officially listed as pneumonia due to measles. She did not have common measles symptoms such as a rash, so the infection wasn’t discovered until after her death.

The woman’s diagnosis brings the state’s case count to 11, and is the sixth in Clallam County for the year. The last active case was reported in late April.

Health officials said the death highlights the importance of immunizing as many people as possible to provide a high level of community protection against measles. People with a compromised immune system are extremely vulnerable to the disease, especially in areas where vaccinations have not met certain levels known as herd immunity.

Public health officials recommend that everyone who is eligible for the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine get vaccinated so they can help protect themselves, their families, and the vulnerable people in their community.

It is typically only possible to develop measles within three weeks of exposure to the disease, officials. Since month’s have passed since the last active measles case, officials do not believe people are at risk of exposure from the previous outbreak.

California recently enacted a law requiring, requiring all children enrolled in public or private schools to be vaccinated.

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  • Danny Rafael

    Yet people still refuse to get vaccines because of a falsified study & infomercials from a B actress, or the belief that it is only their kids at risk — sorry read the part on herd immunity & understand their are people that cannot legitimately have the vaccines.

  • namseer

    This is pure insanity. There should NOT be ANY deaths from the measles in the United States in the 21st century. Total craziness. Everyone physically able should be manditorily vaccinated. A needless death.

  • Tiffany

    Are you kidding me people..She didn’t die of Measles!! She died of Pneumonia. Which could have occurred from a common cold in someone with a weekend immunity. She didn’t have any measles symptoms .. and was possibly just carrying it. They could have very possibly given her a Vaccine for MMR after she was in the hospital so much, as well as pneumoniaccial vaccine , This is VERY common in hospitals – – And those vaccines could have 1. Weekend her immunity and 2. Shown why she tested positive to Measles! .THINK

  • Mamabear

    Measles is so contagious that no-one got sick in her close entourage? I don’t buy it. If she truly had the measles, she would have been infecting a great number of people around her. I’d love to hear how they determined that measles was the cause of her pneumonia. This is a very convenient coincidence that I cannot trust. I am more inclined to believe that she recently got vaccinated with the MMR, which carries a live virus, and can shed for up to 6 weeks. This is more likely to be the virus they picked up at the time of the autopsy. How far will they go with their lies to push their vaccine agenda? Shame on them all.

  • Kathi Ringue Mattea

    Oh my goodness. It’s amazing that a child can have all the symptoms of measles, be diagnosed at a hospital with measles, test positive for measles, only to have that all dismissed as “a reaction to their recent measles vaccine. The child doesn’t have measles after all” This woman had NO SYMPTOMS of measles, had many health issues, died of pneumonia, and after her autopsy they say “Measles caused her death”. Funny how they could determine this and report on it a day after California signs the most restrictive vaccine mandates. When exactly did she die and the autopsy report came out? Why isn’t that part of the INFORMATION in this article? Because this article isn’t designed to actually inform the public, this article is strictly to whip up the frenzy against anyone who DARES to question vaccine safety, and mandatory vaccination. Washington, be prepared to have your rights to your own body stripped.

  • OpenYourEyestoTheTruthPeople

    What they didn’t tell you is that she was vaccinated and because she didn’t get proper treatment it turned into pneumonia and THAT’s what actually killed her. Media propaganda to put fear into people. Do you know how many people die each year from the Flu Vaccine?? A LOT more than 1.