30-year-old Florida teacher sentenced to 22 years in prison for having sex with students

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAKELAND, Fla. — A 30-year-old former Florida teacher who pleaded guilty to having sex with teenage students was sentenced Thursday to 22 years in prison.

FOX 13 in Tampa Bay reported that Jennifer Fichter apologized to the students’ families and her own family at the sentencing hearing, but that apparently did not sway the judge in handing down the sentence.

Fichter was a teacher at Central Florida Aerospace Academy in Lakeland. At least three former students came forward to claim she had a sexual relationship with her when they were 17 years old.

She reportedly had dozens of sexual encounters with the boys that took place in her apartment, her car and in one of the homes of a victim when his mother wasn’t home.

Prosecutors said one relationship even resulted in an aborted pregnancy.

Before sentencing, she turned to the family of one of the victims and said, “I hate so much what my selfishness has done because that’s what this crime is about. It has been a selfish crime and I am truly sorry for that.”

Prosecutors had asked the judge to sentence Fichter to 25 years in prison; the judge gave her 22 years instead.





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  • kfc

    This is bullshit they give more time to a slut teacher then they do to murder’s this bitch made these kids dreams come true sad but true the Justice system is fucked up if I was one of those kids I wouldn’t have said shit haha and that’s a fact

    • Jane Biddick

      The sentence for the teacher to 22 years in jail is unconscionable! The court treated her like the clerics do women in the Mid East! That they have a formula for sentencing rapists and applied it here is clearly an abuse of their power and authority. Such a terrible crime against all humanity that she is being tried as an example and that her ENTIRE life is robbed. I hope & pray the prosecutors and Judge Shelby get karma for this. Everyone involved in her prosecution will spend eternity in hell. “He who is without sin let him cast the first stone.” John 8:7

    • Jane Biddick

      I wouldn’t have said shit either. Maybe with a good lawyer and their right to remain silent and defending their own actions it could have been different. Sounds like it was the Moms who were just going after a sweet law suit. Maybe thoughts about paying off their car or the house was more important than their sons conscience. What 17 year old guy gets raped, molested in a truck up to 12 times?
      Seriously…Let’s have another good rape session between class tomorrow…VERY SAD!!!!!

  • Frank

    I know a man who had a teacher when he was in 9th grade they had sex and she used him and tormented him for years with predatory actions calling all hours oft the night, saying she was going to tell his parents on him for forcing sex on her. This went on until she came down with cancer and died. The poor guy was damaged big time by this teacher.
    Jennifer Fichter deserves the 22 years.

    • JMG

      She does indeed deserve every bit of the time she received. Hopefully she will get at least that when she is sentenced in another county. I totally agree with the judge that she is a predator. She feels remorse only because she got caught, not because she is truly sorry.

      • Truthopia

        Are you people serious? I don’t see here where it says she drugged them or even blackmailed them to get them in her honey pot. You are saying a horny 20-something year old woman should go to prison for giving it up to a couple of 17 year old students, who undoubtedly jumped at the opportunity? Yeah she’s maybe a slut, or possibly can be accused of using her position for her advantage, and not being very professional, when your students throw it at you it can be hard to resist, trust me. But what is so WRONG about consensual sex, really, that she should do more time than the FED, or even wreckless driver? 17 year olds are after all living in their 18th year, and when we were 17 year olds buddy, SEX was job one.

        If you want to solve this problem, don’t let people with nothing more than a degree in “education” teach anyone. What good is it having a “certification” to teach when there’s nothing upstairs to impart to your students?
        She was too young, too inexperienced, and too (obviously) stupid to teach anyone anything

  • Putin4ever

    Wtf are u doing? U teach children in schools to be gays and lesbians, and then put people in prison for normal sex? U mad. So mad…

  • Dmitry Babanov

    Come on, this is too much, I’m sure these guy’s were happy to have sex with her. In fact, 17-year old students are almost adult men. In my opinion, all this stuff about child seduction has to be related to girls only.

  • Rob Henson

    You’re allowed to join the military at 17, handle deadly weapons, deal with emotional horrors and knowingly sacrifice your own life, but you can’t sleep with an attractive woman!
    Sure, It’s wrong because she was In a trusted position, but 22 years for doing the most human act on earth is a absurd!

  • Denn Massalitin


    How laws can be so idiotic?..
    17yo is almost adult person. Many of guys have first sex before this age. What’s the problem?
    There must be strong distinguish between cildren and teenagers.
    Sex with chukdren is perversion and serious crime.
    Sex with teenagers – is under question.

  • jackie

    This woman shouldn’t be in prison. The boys are no worse for the wear and if they aren’t complaining, why should anyone else.

  • jackie

    When I was 17, I had an ongoing sexual relationship with one of my teachers and it was good for both of us. Boys are not as fragile as girls and having sex with a teacher is more of a badge of honor than a disgrace.

  • Truthopia

    What kind of mockery of justice is this? A 17 year old can fire guns for this country, and be deemed an adult for many other legal purposes. When I was 17, getting into anyone’s pants, not the least of which was my favorite teacher’s pants, was more than just a random strange thought. In this case we have no word of coercion, no hints at blackmail, the crime is CONSENTUAL sex, just because she is what, 30 or so, and the “boys” 17? OK, not very professional you say, to sleep with your students, but would the few months left to reach 18 really make a 22 year prison sentence the difference? WHat did ANYONE involved do wrong here exactly, wrong enough to merit over 20 years in the pokey? This, while rape is usually a 7 year sentence, and we sill haven’t put one criminal banker or politician behind bars?
    What has become of justice in America?

    • Jimy Soil

      Justice left America long ago, way before the body count for murdered babies hit 50,000,000. You want to justify this woman because you would have done the same thing in her position, and it bothers you because you think that casual sex is fine. You have a lot of blood on your hands, pal. 50,000,000 and counting, all down to guys with your exact attitude.

      • Truthopia

        OK look Jimy, or is it Jinny, I am sorry you or your mama/friend/aunt had to get an abortion and add a number to the “50,000,000”, and then feel justified to blame it on 1) casual sex, or 2) a male’s attitude. 99% of the time those legs are not pried open, but rather, they spread willingly. So whose hands is the blood on, you say?

        And by the way, on a personal note, I would not have slept with my students, not because of lack of desire, or because of thinking “casual sex” is bad, but rather because of an overriding concern for my subject matter, and understanding the power contained in my position.

        I can repair your psychological issues, over time. We can arrange for you a payment plan.

  • I hate idiots

    Good~ I have no problem with that~ Now, let’s talk about murderers. Can we increase penalty for murderers? I’ve seen murderers get lesser sentence than that~

  • doctor

    17-year-old boys are at the top of testosterone in a man’s life and are not innocent, at least in the mind. There doesn’t exist 17-year-old boy who didn’t try masturbation with porn