‘Well, somebody’s doing the raping’: Trump defends his statement on illegal Mexican immigrants

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON — Businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump continued his verbal attack against illegal immigrants on Wednesday.

He has stirred up controversy in recent days for claiming “rapists” and “killers” are migrating over the United States’ southern border.

The Spanish-language Univision TV network and NBC Universal have cut ties with the businessman, refusing to air the “Miss Universe” pageant he partially owns, and Macy’s announced Wednesday it was also discontinuing his clothing line.

On Wednesday, Trump, who is a Republican presidential candidate, told CNN’s Don Lemon in an exclusive interview that he was pulling his facts from a Fusion article.

“Well if you look at the statistics of people coming, you look at the statistics on rape, on crime, on everything coming in illegally into this country it’s mind-boggling!” he told Lemon.

“If you go to Fusion, you will see a story: About 80% of the women coming in, you know who owns Fusion? Univision! Go to Fusion and pick up the stories on rape. It’s unbelievable when you look at what’s going on. So all I’m doing is telling the truth,” Trump said.

Lemon replied that the press stories are about women being raped, but not about criminals coming across the border.

“Well, somebody’s doing the raping, Don! I mean somebody’s doing it! Who’s doing the raping? Who’s doing the raping?” he asked.

Trump currently sits at No. 2 in the latest CNN/ORC national poll on the Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination. He told Lemon he is surprised only that he’s trailing Jeb Bush, not that he’s doing so well.

“I don’t get it. He’s in favor of Common Core, extremely weak on immigration. He thinks people come over for love. I don’t understand why he’s in first place,” Trump said. “Maybe it’s the Bush name. Last thing we need is another Bush. But I will tell you, I’m a little surprised he’s in the position he’s in.”


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  • Christopher Allen Carpenter

    I have no position yet on this issue until I check some facts, but maybe it’s worth looking into.

  • Wallus

    Women in Mexico are subject to more violence than women here on average and some people crossing illegally into the US are criminals so in some ways he is stating reality but he himself is a buffoon and has just angered a lot of liberals.

  • Doug

    ILLEGAL’S , BLACK TAR HEROIN , METH , MARIJUANA , CRIMINAL’S , GANG AND CARTEL VIOLENCE . Fuck the damn liberal’s CLOSE the damn border and deport ALL the illegals . It’s time we take our country back ! Wake up Sheeple !

  • Arlene Jara Strickland

    Yes, Donald. “…somebody’s doing the raping.” And it is white males. In the category of sexual assault, whites made up nearly 75% of all offenders imprisoned for sexual assault vs. 23% for blacks and 3% for other races, according the Bureau of Justices.

  • hmmmmmm

    I have to agree Trump on this one. Illegal Mexico immigrants bring violence, drug, illiteracy, etc to this country, and the clown Obama will make them legal citizens eventually because that’s how he got elected twice by the low quality voters from Hispanic and Black communities. It all makes sense now…

    • Gio

      Your a low quality human, trump is wrong those illegal immigrants are nothing to worry about if your not lazy , key word “not”

      • Joe Doney

        Your YOUR is a Yor=YOU’RE and you did it twice even-spelled Trump with a little t and best of all you admit They’re “illegal”, best comment I’ve seen here-KNOT head

  • today was a good day

    Really? how dare you call our president a clown? how dare you blame one race on these crimes? yes there is some guilty people out there doing this but they are not all one race they are all races. You hear more about rapes, murders, torchure and crimes like these from white people doings on the news every day!!!. Now drugs and gang violance these minorities go to jail for years and years for drugs but a white rapist, child molestor = (murder in my eyes) get a few months and a chance to get mental help??? WTF??? this is what is wrong with America, nothing to do with immigration.And there is plenty of proof about rich White Americans going over seas to be able to do nasty things to little kids, damn pervs!!! yes, this goes on every day.. YES ALL THIS STUFF IS ON TV, probably the same place you get your FACTS!! right>?>?

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