2-year-old girl struck, killed by car at Redmond shopping mall

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

REDMOND, Wash. -- A 2-year-old girl was struck by a car and killed Wednesday at the Redmond Town Center, authorities said.

According to Redmond police, the child was struck by a vehicle around 5 p.m. on NE 74th Street where it intersects 164th Avenue NE.

The driver of the car, a 25-year-old man, was reportedly slowing down as he approached a stop sign when the child ran out into the street. He was not able to stop in time.

The girl died at the scene. She was under the care of her nanny at the time.

Officers said the driver stayed at the scene and was fully cooperative. He even took a voluntary blood test.

Drugs and alcohol did not appear to be a factor, investigators said.

"This is a tragic situation for all involved. Our hearts go out to the family of the victim," said Chief Ron Gibson.

The road remained closed as detectives continued their investigation Wednesday night.


Google Map for coordinates 47.670731 by -122.121494.

164th Avenue Northeast & Northeast 74th Street, Redmond, WA

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  • hellomurica

    Parents have to hold on to their kids in places where there’s traffic. This could have been completely avoided.

    • Courtenay

      Ok so I have a 2 year old and I do agree with this statement. However, he hates holding my hand and sometimes yanks his hand from my grip and bolts (that’s why I use a harness when I don’t use his stroller). Things happen in an instant. I cannot imagine what this family is going through.

      • Tara

        I also have a 2 year old toddler boy and he is absolutely a runner. He is also very strong and if I am trying to hold onto him he tries with all his might to break free. We went to a party at a park next to a busy street and he tried many times to bolt towards the street. We ended up leaving because of this. So to say it’s completely avoidable I think is a stretch. Terrible accidents happen and blaming the parent is not entirely fair…especially when they just lost their child. This is awful. My worst fear!

    • LglG

      How dare you say that. These parents just lost their 2 year old child. Its was an accident and they LOST THEIR CHILD. You are a horrible person and I hope nothing like this ever happens to you and some A-hole with an opinion decides to make you feel responsible for the accidental death of your child… You’re a awful person.

      • ontheboat

        I was once next to and slightly behind another car that hit a kid who had darted out in-between two parked cars. I saw it, but really had nothing to do with it and it shook me to the core (and that kid lived). I can’t imagine what the poor driver is going through.

  • Cheryl

    Poor little thing, RIP sweetie. I feel for the man who hit her as he must be distressed. This almost happened to me years ago. The parent was not watching and their child ran out in front of me. I barely stopped in time and I shook for hours after that. There was no word from the parent at all who witnessed it.

  • Jen

    How judgemental you all are. You know nothing about what happened, so what right do you have to judge. We all know as parents that things happen in an instant. Even while holding your childs hand they can pull their hand free and run, fast. If people would be real about what it is like to parent children instead of trying to show how you are a much better parent then all of the others. Maybe we could feel some sympathy and thank God that it was not our child. Thank God that the onetime we looked away for a second, or the onetime our child pulled his hand from our grip (be real here it has happened to everyone of us), that the unthinkable did not happen to us! And to the person saying where were the parents, did you even bother to read the story to see the child was with her nanny? It was a horrible accident and your comment was awful!

  • shatzi

    So so breath takingly tragic. My heart collapsed for all those involved when I heard today. I wished from the center of my soul I could conjur a miracle . I pray those involved and the family will in time find peace. I can not begin to imagine the grief and Im so sorry for your loss. May the universe wrap you in a blanket of love, faith and healing.
    As for you oh judgemental one, SHAME on you, How inconceivably and monumentally callous, insensitive and self absorbed you must be. I see some wickedly painful lessons in your future.

  • Tim Doyle

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