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8-month-old baby dies after EMT refuses to respond to call, officials say

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DETROIT — A Detroit EMT has been fired after refusing to respond to a call to help an 8-month old baby who was not breathing.

According to WDIV, Ann Marie Thomas had finished another call less than a mile away when an EMS supervisor ordered Thomas to respond to the call for service.

It’s just a two-minute drive away at normal speeds, but Thomas took 6 minutes before telling dispatchers that she had parked around the corner from the scene.

“33, I’m going to need you to make that scene,” said the Detroit Fire EMS supervisor. “You’re going to have to make patient contact.”

But Thomas and her partner refused to move.

A 911 dispatcher told Thomas, “Uh, Romeo 33? Updated information that the child is not breathing. The baby was hooked up to an oxygen machine because it was premature. Romeo 33?”

WDIV reports Thomas told her boss, “I’m not about to be on no scene 10 minutes doing CPR, you know how these families get.”

An ambulance eventually arrived and transported the baby to a hospital. The girl was revived but died the following morning.

“EMT Thomas was immediately removed from duty following this incident,” said Commissioner Jenkins. “She has since filed an appeal. As executive fire commissioner, I have the ability to make the ultimate determination.”

Jenkins announced Wednesday that Thomas had been fired (after the video above aired).

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    • c williams

      Got to wonder,was it in an area that may would have put the EMT’s life in danger?..where some people act like animals?.if so,i sure wouldnt put my life in danger trying to just help..if the child was premature,and on oxygen,why was it not in a hospital??..

      • Dan Rafael

        Watch the video, it was not a hostile scene. She simply didn’t want to do CPR. She definitely picked the wrong line of work, and sad unions support dolts like this, where they don’t get fired regardless of what they do.

        • jimnjoy

          I agree. She just didn’t want to deal with frantic, broken-hearted parent’s.

          I agree that she needs to get another line of work where she doesn’t have to deal with people and their sometime’s messy predicaments. Let’s see…what would that be?

          I can’t think of one.

      • H.M.

        While we do not know specifics of this child, premature children on oxygen do not necessarily require hospitalization. Neither of these alone (or combined) are criteria solely justifying hospitalization. The risk of being in an a facility from such threats as hospital acquired infections are much greater often than allowing a stabilized child to be in the comfort of his/her home…not to mention the costs to the family from an unnecessary, extended stay! There are outpatient healthcare system opportunities (e.g., home health agencies) to assist with the care of these types of patients…and they do a great job!

  • Sally

    She didn’t want to do cpr for 10 minutes on scene because you know how these families get…. 10 minutes is a long time to be dping cpr on an infant on a hostile scene. Law enforcement should have been called to control bystanders and parents so she could do her job. She may have been farmiliar with the residence. In ems there are alot of repeat callers, we get farmiliar with the callers that are hostile. We are taught safety 1st. Our safety first, then our partner, then the patient. You can’t help a patient if you become one yourself. I would like to hear her side of the story. This is a one sided account of things. She needs to be able to speak and explain. No one refuses to help an infant without good reason.

  • OhYesIDid

    She can call herself lucky if she doesn’t get charged with negligent homicide, which she probably will. And those racist idiots – Do you really think she’d be any different if shewas white? Which planet do YOU live on? Not Earth, obviously. Or reality.

  • larry

    This is the fault of the blacks – THEY are the ones who attack paramedics for no reason, THEY are the ones who make those choices, THEY are the ones who make it dangerous to try to save a life, THEY deserve whatever they get as a result. FACT.

    • OhYesIDid

      Wow, he’s an asshole AND racist. Speaking of blaming blacks for everything – so the Aryan Nation assholes, Ku-Klux idiots and White Supremicist retards (which you obviously are a part of) hating on them for being black is their fault too? And those aforementioned racist shithead groups, what are they? Not gangs? Not violent? WRONG! They are as much part of the problem as you are.

  • fedup

    I continue to b shocked by some of the ignorance in the comments I’m reading. What, white ppl don’t get over emotional sometimes? It does not matter your race, black, white, Asian or Mexican…we all have our issues. This EMT has an obligation! Hope that baby haunts her dreams!!! You ppl against blacks or other races needs to take a look at themthemselves! “Blacks are the problem”?! NO ASSHOLE u r the problem!!!!

    • Sick and tired of ignorance

      Hey fedup. Tell you what….why don’t you go for a nice little stroll through that neighborhood and then tell us how it went. LOL.

      • fedup

        Sure would if I lived there! I guess if EMT had a problem w the area, they should have another job. U know what ur up against w a job like that!

  • Cindy

    You people are unbelievable! It was not a hostile environment. She just didn’t want to do it. Now a
    baby is dead. She and her partner need to lose their licenses and be brought up on criminal

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