Day care worker says she reported Auburn mom to CPS before 3-year-old was killed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

AUBURN — New details are emerging in a case involving an Auburn mom who is accused of beating her 3-year-old daughter to death.

Q13 FOX News talked to a day care worker who suspected abuse before the toddler child was killed.

Our investigation has turned up records that prove several people, including a day care worker, reported injuries on the girl to the state Child Protective Services before she died.

The day care worker says she saw bruises on the little girl more than a year ago. She reported the case to CPS, hoping they would investigate the family.

But the little girl, Nava, was never taken into custody and court documents say that at the time of her death she had a fractured pelvis, ribs, arms, wrist as well as internal bleeding caused by repeated punches.

“It’s really heartbreaking,” said the day care worker.

The day care worker wanted to stay anonymous. She is not only heartbroken but she is angry.

“I am really upset like something can happen to a little child and somebody reports it and nobody takes any action."

She believes Nava might still be alive if someone at CPS had taken her complaints and the bruises seriously.

“They were big, they were huge,” the worker said of Nava's bruises.

The woman says she confronted Nava's mother about the injuries on the girl’s bottom.

“She said she was jumping on the bed, she fell and the bed was broken,” the day care worker said.

Nava died about two weeks ago. Her mother, Tatiana Baker, and Baker's boyfriend, Demarco Jackson, are accused of beating her to death.

Q13 FOX obtained reports that confirm CPS did receive an abuse report a year ago, not only from the day care worker but also from Kent police.

A detective wrote. “I contacted CPS intake and was informed this incident was reported but did not meet criteria at the time of the report due to lack of detail.”

Neighbors who live near the Auburn home where Nava died are wondering why more wasn’t done.

“If they did get a report, they should have taken her away from the home,” neighbor Patricia Wright said.

Since Nava's death, we have repeatedly asked CPS to talk about Nava’s case.
They declined to comment except to release this written statement:

“At this point in time, the Department of Social and Health Services can say only that it has not had an open Child Protective Services case with this family."

Neighbors and the day care worker say that's not an acceptable answer from CPS.

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  • Jamie

    CPS really doesn’t do there job. I don’t understand why they are still around. I should of been taken away from family & CPS was reported 6 times. CPS doesn’t take action.

    • Elizabeth Freebird

      You probably weren’t worth any dough to them. It’s a game they play and it’s a business, a child stealing racket based on federal funding. It’s also the only business that gets funded for it’s own incompetence and neglect. When they fail, they get more money.

  • The Decider

    In some cases, such as this, I am a firm believer eye for an eye. This was such a brutal crime. This little girl suffered at the hands of her own mother. I feel very strongly the mother and her boyfriend should get the **** beat out of them and then just be left to die. These two deserve no mercy. Crimes against children upset me to the point in which words cannot express.

      • JMG

        Leaving them to rot in prison would be wrong. The way I see it, we have two choices here. One is to put them in the general prison population and let their fellow inmates deal with them. Or we can execute these two monsters by one of several methods available i.e. a rope, a jolt of electricity, a needle, or a hunk of lead to their worthless heads. All are proven to work very well. Time to choose one and use it, the sooner the better. (My personal choice is a rope…….) That sweet little girl is in the loving arms of Jesus now, never to be harmed again.

    • 03sv1g

      Exactly. If they don’t remove a child, they’re assholes for not doing their job. If they do remove a child, they’re assholes for not minding their own business. I have a family member who works for CPS and I don’t envy her at all. The stories she tells about the living conditions of some kids. She’d remove them if she could but the system won’t let her.

  • Lisa

    Cps is just a corrupt office. They say its to portect the kids. Right its to line the state with more money.
    They remove kids from families with no just. Cause they lie. Which destroys families. In some of the so called state foster homes kids r getting more abuse there then ever. Kids r raped molested in these home s.
    I know this fist hand as my oldest daughter who is now 29 this all happened to her. Yet no one would believe. Her and it still affects her to this day.

    There r those times but far and few between that they do find a child that is truly in need of real help to get. Away from an abusers.
    Im sadden over the loss of a small child. And hope to god that they get what they deserve. Because that little girl didnt do andcouldnt of done anythng that bad to die.

    • Elizabeth Freebird

      CPS will most likely benefit from their own incompetence and neglect. Now comes the claim that the social workers are overworked and they ask for more money. It happens religiously in every state and it’s quite corrupt when the agency gets paid for it’s own failures.

    • Consuelo

      Parents, extended family members and school/daycare personnel are children’s first lines of protection. When CPS receives reports and goes out to investigate, it is the responsibility of those people to tell the TRUTH and all WORRIES regarding child. ANY person can file for emergency guardianship of a child. And, im sorry, but if I AM WORRIED ABOUT SAFETY OF CHILD, IM CALLING CPS,POLICE, ETC.. UNTIL SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING!! Children cannot protect themselves. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of ALL ADULTS in their lives to protect them

  • Laura

    Please, if your that upset, feel out of control, don’t want to deal with your childl/children, bring them here. No questions asked. Seriously,I’m not joking. I am right here! And available, day and night. I won’t ask much, and I sure won’t judge you. Do the right thing for you and them, if you feel afraid of my house, then someone else. Just please stop hitting your babies.

    • Just Sayin'

      Laura, I totally agree with you! Im a mother now, but in my teens i was the was one of the only girls in my family that did not have a child. I would see the frustration on my cousin’s faces and would take take it upon myself to take the babies for a night or the day to give them time to breathe. When i became a mother and my sister or my aunt’s would want to take my son, at first i’d say that it was okay, i was fine. But then realized that i too needed time for myself. Although my frustrations never reached that uncontrollable state they were still there. Mothers and parents in general need to know how to reach out to their support systems for help. And if abuse is just out of pure evil, then those parents to be dealt with and will also have to face their Maker on Judgement Day.

  • Stasha

    CPS really needs to step up and start protecting theses children! This is just so disturbing. I don’t understand how they can say that it didn’t meet the criteria to investigate. I have a family member that was accused of hitting his child because she had a small bruise on her leg, by the way she came to his weekend visit with that bruise. We were to get her an extra day for a holiday and the day before the holiday I got told that visitation for everyone was cancelled because CPS took her. It took 3-4 months to get the case dropped due to no one even investigating it! Point being she had a small bruise, but yet this little girl had huge bruises on her but didn’t meet THEIR criteria, I’m confused on what their criteria is…

  • Cheryl

    Aww poor little girl, how sad. Such a cutie too. What the heck kind of mother would do this and the boyfriend too. Let the punishment fit the crime. CPS do your dam*med job! If you cannot you must be replaced with something else that works. Apparently you let this little girl down. Heads should roll.

  • mary

    what the hells wrong with cps something should have been done to help this child. i hope if theres any family left of this little girls they sue the hell out of cps not that it will bring her back but maybe get some workers in there who know how to do there job. bring those 2 people in front of some of us and let us do to them what they did to that little girl bet we would get arrested. r.i.p. sweet child.

  • Amy

    It is not so much CPS doesn’t do their jobs, it the how damn understaffed they are with huge caseloads. There isn’t enough money to hire more. Not saying some aren’t bad. There is bad in everything. Apparently funding for child abuse is not on their priority list. Same with animal control that handle abuse claims here in Seattle. Less than ten workers, with 100’s of calls per week. Either way, this is a horrific story. RIP.

  • William Woodman

    I’m not surprised at all. I filed a report withCPS in auburn NY and they were useless. After talking with my son the case worker called me and said my son told her a different story than he told me. I talked to my son and he told me he was told what to say to cps by his mother. When I explained this to the case worker the next day she asked me if I wanted to dwell on the issue!. I replied yes I will dwell on the issue of my sonssaftsafety and I could not believe she had the nerve to ask me that. They were useless. Its like the were on the accused side but then again he does have family in the district attorneys office. I’m not done with them yet I will keep pushing until I get a real investigation done.

    • Elizabeth Freebird

      There’s a great many people also filing §1983 claims against the government workers like social workers, etc. Some are succeeding. You might want to check out Families Against Government Abuse group on fb.

  • Angela Faith Mccormick Dawson

    According to Ala. Code § 26-15-3 Torture, willful abuse, etc., of child under 18 years of age by responsible person, shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a class c felony punishable by not more than 10 years or less than 1 year and 1 day. so depending on what they are charged with they will probably get probation, our country has a serious problem with our laws

  • EdwardAPeak

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  • Erich Weiler

    Why would CPS do anything at all? They are too busy wasting time on cases where there is clearly no abuse. These bastards will work on one case for years when there is clearly no problem. It is ti,e to do something about these SOBs. It’s too bad CPS can’t be party to the murder case. Just like judges who let complete psychos out only to reoffend but keep someone who had a couple of pills in prison. This system is horrible and it’s time we do something about it. Peacefully and diplomatically. We need to take names of CPS works and judges and put them online to shame them. There are good judges and COS workers too.

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