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Body of missing Pierce County mom found in woods, wrapped in tarp

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TACOMA — The body of Nicole White, 28, was found over the weekend in the woods near Kapowsin in Pierce County.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said White’s body was found Saturday near Timberline Forest Camp 1 Road East, but news of the discovery was not announced until Monday morning.

Search dogs had led investigators to the woods, the sheriff’s department said, and her body was found wrapped in a tarp.

Cause of death was not immediately disclosed.

White, a mother of two boys, was last seen the night of June 6 when she was seen at Jeepers bar in Spanaway with a man who had also been a customer there before, detectives and the bar's owner said.  She was reported missing a day later by her mother.

“Sunday morning, (she) didn’t show up for work, didn’t come to get her boys, which is very unlike her, she would either call if she was going to be late, text, something,” said her cousin Dana Johnson.

White’s red Dodge Neon was discovered Monday, June 8, over a ravine in the 26000 block of 70th Avenue East near Graham. Search dogs on the scene led detectives to a nearby pond. However, no sign of White was found until this weekend.

The man who was on a date with White the night she was last seen, Jonathan Harris, 29, of Graham, is a person of interest in her disappearance, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department has said. He is in federal custody on an unrelated weapons charge.

Pierce County Sheriff's Department detective Ed Troyer said he believes deputies will present a case to prosecutors sometime this week involving Harris.

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  • Debi Lucas

    I cried, although I didn’t know her we prayed she would still be alive. How can anyone live with themselves after snuffing out a life so callously?

  • The Decider

    Though this isn’t the outcome anyone hoped for, there is now closure for the family in a sense. I had hoped they would find her alive, this is such a tragic ending to this case. She didn’t deserve to be wrapped in tarp and thrown in the woods. Let alone be killed. I hope the person responsible suffers for this.

    • The Decider

      I believe they should release his name as well, but it has to do with the fact he is a “person of interest” and not a “suspect”. So technical. I believe they think he had something to do with it and that when they searched his house must have not found anything to connect him to her disappearance but must have found guns or something in which he is not allowed to possess. So they decided to hold him on those charges until they could find something to link him to the crime.

    • jules71

      His name is Jonathan Daniel Harris of Graham, WA and he is apparently in jail for possession of gun ammo which he is not allowed to have due to being a convicted felon (previous assault charge).

    • Michael

      Most reputable news outlets and media sources NEVER release the SUSPECTs name, before an arrest, which as justification also logically fails.

  • cha Velásquez

    I’m so sickened to hear this… I’m angry, and sad anyone can harm someone like this!!! Our world is hell and this sucks!!! I’m sorry to her family!!!

    • grahamlady

      It is NOT the country singer, but he has been getting a lot of hate mail regarding this. It is a different man with the same name, although calling him a man is not accurately. He is a coward, and hopefully he will spend the rest of his life in prison for this. RIP Nicole… you didn’t deserve this.

    • Tana

      Different person. . The country singer posted something on Facebook after the name was first released. . That Jonathan Harris is an outstanding man, this creep named as the person of interest seems far from that.

    • Judy

      I thought that his name sounded familiar, wow can you imagine having the same name and live in same area as a man now arrested for a woman’s murder, I hope we get more info on how they came to meet and why he did end up killing her, such a tragedy, I feel for them 2 boys of hers!!

  • Dixie

    OMG! another young lady found when are these girls gonna stop meeting people on line? this has been a problem since these social networks started I believe. So sad and my heart goes out to her family .If they have the right guy they need to start setting an example and kill him also, that is the only thing that is going to stop these animals.

  • Dee

    This is awful, I remember the family came by my home in spanaway passing out flyers looking for her, I’m so sorry to hear this tragic ending for Nicole.

  • CB

    Down through the decades I’ve heard of People meeting at Bars….. Then it comes to a sad end.
    Double trouble…. Meet on line then meet in a bar. This is some wicked stuff and someone should get a clue about both…. I’m sorry for her family and the children…. My God!!! How sad is this?

  • jenny

    I don’t know her, but I live in Graham. This to me is scary, as I have 4 young ladies (and one son). I’m sorry for her loss and pray her boys grow up to be GOOD men! May she RIP.

  • Rachael Carrigan Marion

    As being someone of the community of Orting who was out searching for her and offering to babysit while others searched for her, this is very sad and devastating news this morning. I will be at the prayer vigil tonight for her.

    Nicole, I wish I knew you. You sound like you were a great lady! I am glad you can now rest in peace & your family have the closure they deserve in such a horrible circumstance. Rest in peace girl!

  • Just Sayin'

    How can somebody do this to a person. Doesn’t matter if she met someone online or at a church, no one deserves to go like this, and no children deserve to grow up without their mommy. I pray her soul is at peace. Thoughts and prayers to her family, especially those young children.

    • michaeldbutlerlaw

      As a gun enthusiast, you are not helping the cause. Given the facts, how would a gun change the outcome?

  • TC

    For the person who posted that he is in Pierce County Jail for possessing ammo…you couldn’t be more misinformed. He;s in there for multiple counts of child rape. Charges that on 5/22/15 he plead guilty to. Also 2 engaging in sexual conduct with a minor and child molestation. My question is, why was he out even if awaiting sentencing? He was already going to prison for a long time. This is sad. Prison will give him a taste of his own medicine though. Being a former CO I know what happen to those types there.

    • Josh

      You are the one who is misinformed. He is actually in federal custody at SeaTac. You obviously are missing that his middle name is Daniel. And he has only been charged with felon in possession of ammunition. The PCSO is submitting a case to the prosecutor for charges this week. When Mark Lindquist’s office makes the decision to actually charge him is anyone’s guess.

    • Rachael Carrigan Marion

      NO HE IS NOT!!!! There is TWO Jonathon Harris’ in PCJ. And actually, the one in this case has a middle name of Daniel. The arresting agency was FBI, and is being held by the US Marshalls in Sea Tac. So TC… YOU are the one VERY VERY misinformed. But of course, Im sure you knew all that too. (some peoples kids)

  • josh

    I knew a lady that worked that bar, if a guy got out of prison and the girl knows it because the staff told her if probably would not be a good life choice to leave with him in sorry but this is a learning experience to show my kids

  • Michelle Cunningham

    I offer condolences to the family and friends of her. It breaks my heart. No one should be judgemental about this crime. The criminal is to blame and justice will prevail. I want peace and love for her family and friends.

  • Mark Smith

    Got her wings way to early in life. Everything gone in an instant. What has become of this world we here about more because there are more people then when i was young. How can anyone murder anyone. Im sure he will blame his upbrining,meds,movie,blame anyone but himself. Nobody has respect for lives anymore.

  • EdwardAPeak

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