58,000-acre brush fire closes I-90

9 dead in mass shooting at Charleston, South Carolina church, police say

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From NDN

From NDN


CHARLESTON, S.C. — Nine people were killed and one injured in a shooting at a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, a source close to the investigation told CNN.

The suspect, described as a white man, is still at large.

The shooting took place Wednesday evening at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the oldest AME church in the South.

“It’s really bad. It’s a very bad scene,” local pastor Thomas Dixon said.

“Apparently the person just entered the church and opened fire. That part has not been fully articulated on what happened yet … they are still looking for the suspect.”

Search on for suspect

Police said the suspect in the shooting is a clean-shaven white man in his 20s, with a slender build. He was wearing a gray sweatshirt, blue jeans and boots.

The department asked anyone with information to call 911 dispatchers

“While we do not yet know all of the details, we do know that we’ll never understand what motivates anyone to enter one of our places of worship and take the life of another,” South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said.

Historic significance

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was formed in 1816 when African-American members of Charleston’s Methodist Episcopal Church formed their own congregation after a dispute over burial grounds.

Six years later, one of the church founders was implicated in a slave revolt plot. He wasn’t convicted.

During the case, the church was burned to the ground. It was rebuilt in 1834.

Heavy police presence

Every Wednesday evening, the church holds a Bible study in its basement.

“Like everybody out here, we’re sick to our stomachs that this could happen in a church,” Rep. Dave Mack, a friend of the church’s pastor, told CNN affiliate WCSC.

Corey Wessenger, who was standing across the street from the church, said the area was swarming with law enforcement.

“I just saw a group of about 40 people escorted by cops,” Wessenger told CNN by phone.

Community members gathered in a prayer circle just down the street from the scene.

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush canceled a scheduled town hall in Charleston on Thursday “due to the tragic events unfolding in South Carolina tonight.”

Mother Emanuel AME Church, 110 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401

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  • jimnjoy

    Some people are already calling this a hate crime. If I remember correctly, the mentally ill guy who shot Reagan was trying to impress Jodie Foster.
    Nothing would surprise me.

  • john zhang (@johnzhang5307)

    Why do they immediately say it’s a racial crime? The guy just might be a psycho that would’ve shot anybody he saw! If a black guy shoots 9 white people race is never even mentioned! This victim mentality is what fuels all of this BS!

    When we elected President Obama, weren’t we promised “hope and change”? It seems like his years as president have only torn our nation apart.

    We now have race riots in our streets. I’ve never seen a country more divided. We all hate each other now.

    They say a good economy cures all. Many of our citizens have had their jobs taken away along with their health insurance. The middle class is shrinking and its not getting any better.

    Obama and Co have destroyed everything they’ve tried “to fix”. My health insurance is $450/month, my taxes are closing in on 50% (in NYC), and even my subway pass is now over $100/month (in NYC). Stuff that is still private enterprise is super cheap. Car insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda), cell phone ($22/month from T Mobile), and gym ($15/month from Planet Fitness).

    We have become a very angry country. Everyone is only out for themselves, no sense of community, no respectable dialogue on any issue, talking heads shouting down opposing views. Very sad.

  • Dan Eitreim

    This is a tragedy! I’ve never understood the motivation behind all these wackos that feel the need to get some notoriety by killing others. I can’t help wondering how being detained and questioned will affect the life of that photographer who just happened to be wearing the wrong outfit! It shouldn’t, but you know that tons of people will see him in handcuffs but not read far enough to see that he was released! Here’s an interesting article about the pastor that was killed…