Revive I-5 returns: Northbound I-5 in Seattle to close this weekend

Critics: No golf until budget deal reached

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA -- The U.S. Open at Chambers Bay is where, it seems, everyone wants to be. But some say not everyone belongs there.

“We, as taxpayers, are the bosses of our elected officials, and we’re saying no, get your work done, and then you can go watch golf,” said Heather Weiner, with the activist group Washington United for Fair Revenue.

Her group is calling out lawmakers for attending the U.S. Open instead of tending to a budget deal in Olympia. The group singled out Republican Sens. Bruce Dammeiers and Steve O’Ban. They both represent the regions around Chambers Bay, but are also members of the tax-writing Senate Ways and Means Committee.

“They’re the ones who need to be in the room with the negotiators,” said Weiner.

Neither senator would comment on camera, but a spokesperson responded saying, “It's their home turf. Of course, they should go to something like that. There's value for them to be there. "

The pressure in Olympia to get a budget deal done is mounting. The second special legislative session ends in just 10 days, and the current state fiscal year ends June 30. No funding has been approved for government agencies after June 30.

Layoff notices go out to state employees next week, and a government shutdown could affect 26,000 employees.

“There’s definitely a concern there,” said Steve Boessow, who works at the Department of Fish and Wildlife. “Like everybody, I have house payments, and bills and a daughter in college, so yeah, there’s a concern.”

Legislative negotiators have been meeting daily with Gov. Jay Inslee.

“We’re working, and discussions are happening,” said Inslee. “We want people to get to an agreement.”

The governor is optimistic but contingency plans are being made in case an agreement can’t be reached. Those plans include keeping colleges running but closing state parks and several state offices.

The impasse over a budget deal continues to be over new taxes, and how to fully fund education.

While some lawmakers are attending the U.S. Open, apparently none of the actual budget negotiators plans to attend the golf championship while the stall remains over a budget deal.

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  • Kittykat1912

    So let me get this right, they all get paid ‘extra’ for NOT DOING their jobs?? Where can I get work like that.

  • Dan Rafael

    The Senate has already passed a budget, the House and Inslee are insisting on a tax &a spend plan that supports their special interests (Tom Steyer, anyone?).

  • Ed Stephens

    What a bunch of hypocrites, they target the Senate Republicans, who PASSED their budget and give a pass to the DEMOCRAT led House that didn’t and yet there’s some Democrats going to be in attendance at the US Open. Go after them first Heather. The Democrat party, despite knowing the state is going to recieve another 9% increase in revenue, only wants to raise taxes and spending on the backs of taxpayers to funnel to greedy individuals that makes up groups like the supposed ‘fair revenue’ crowd. Always with their hands in our pockets stealing and never being held to account.

    PASS the Senate budget!

    Ast for Heather and her ilk, get a life, get a job and stop raping and pillaging the rest of us because of your greed. Start paying your own way in life instead of stealing from those that contribute to society and having them redistribute to those like you who envy others success.

  • mary

    While some were at Chamber’s Bay other’s were camping in eastern Washington at the very campgrounds that will be closed for the rest of. I hope you had a great vacation. Because you don’t give a darn about the rest of us.

  • RashadFRamirez

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