Washington teacher arrested for alleged voyeurism in classroom, store

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VANCOUVER, Wash. — An Evergreen High School teacher was arrested Monday on two counts of voyeurism, one in the classroom and one in a store, Vancouver police said.

It was reported last week that the teacher was placed on paid leave by the school district after the allegations surfaced and while police investigated.

KPTV in Portland said Matthew Morasch, 40, was arrested by detectives from the Vancouver Police Department Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit on Monday on two counts of voyeurism.

Police said a school resource officer was notified about a teacher allegedly capturing inappropriate images of a student with his phone.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for Morasch’s phone. The first count of voyeurism relates to an image from the classroom, police said, while the second count is connected to an unrelated incident at a retail store with a time stamp of April 2015.

Morasch was booked in the Clark County Jail.

One of the female students in the classroom photo told Fox 12 Oregon she believes the teacher was recording video up her dress while they discussed a class assignment.

“I felt disgusted and grossed out,” the girl said. “He was leaning awkwardly and sitting weird, and he kept clearing his throat and grunting while he was looking down.”

She told KPTV that some of her classmates approached her after class Monday to show her pictures of the teacher apparently holding the phone under the table.

“At the time I didn’t really realize what was going on because I wasn’t expecting something like this to happen, and then when I found out it all kind of added up what he was doing,” the girl said.

The students said they immediately reported the incident to school officials.

Administrators at Evergreen High School sent home a letter with students referring to the allegations as “potentially inappropriate behavior by a teacher in a classroom.

It also says: “Vancouver Police were immediately called to begin an investigation. Evergreen High School is cooperating fully with the investigation and will take any necessary action based on the findings of the investigation.

The mother of the girl in the photo said she pulled her daughter out of the school.

“I think they’re taking it a little more seriously but I hope they just don’t try to ignore it,” she said. “That’s something a pedophile does. It’s not normal.”

KPTV reached out to the teacher for comment but did not hear back.

Google Map for coordinates 45.636321 by -122.525483.

Evergreen High School, 14300 Northeast 18th Street, Vancouver, WA

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  • sick and tired of dumbasses

    Hete we go again….making baseless accusations if bad sexual behavior against a government employee. Its the modern money grab scam and it works often. Maybe that phone was just being a phone.

    • Stephanie Magat

      Really the other students have pictures of him taking the pictures under the table! Would you want a person in an authoritative position be taking pictures of your daughter, sister, or niece? No you wouldn’t. Your statement that she is just trying to get money is so naive!

    • Julie Resch

      Really? And how do you analyze this?
      …3rd grade female teacher i find out; directs her students every year that the little kids are to straddle their chairs like they are riding a horse; one leg on each side of the chair and have to do this when they come sit in her class.
      …what about that same teacher placing a female girl on a chair that is on top of a desk to demonstrate to the ither kids how to sit straddling & this little girl hadbto face the class with a dress on where all the kids could see under her dress? Not to mention the risk of falling that high off the ground? Am i wrong for wanting that sweet f#*king teacher to be fired when i have other witnesses or should i just tell the superintendent, ” at age 40 i guess she just made a simple mistake”??? Get a life! Just because people are government employees or any other employee dont mean they are innocent. A person’s employment, or status dont make a person innocent or free from a lawsuit.

  • kit

    Assuming he is smart enough to delete the pictures off his phone and deny everything, he cannot possibly be convicted because there is no evidence whatsoever that the camera was even on or that he successfully obtained an image. Besides, the girl was in public and therefore had no expectation of privacy, which is a requirement of the voyeurism statute. This is media grandstanding, a non-event.

  • osculate

    lets look at the real truth here where the blame should be : when we look at men an women their habitat and actions based on procreation where men are visual and are attracted to females that are physically candidates for procreation then look at 99.9 percent of women particularly in the northwest of the US (Washington state in particular ) are huge, grossly fat and extremely unattractive then you can understand why any man would take ( if true) or look at a picture for any satisfaction for his needs. go ahead and dispute that as the truth hurts doesn’t it !

    • concerned

      I dont know where you live around here, hopefully not near me and my family, because I am surounded by gorgeous women and have never felt the need to look up a little girls skirt. Please seek help before you are the next headline and some weirdo is defending your actions.

  • Justin Thyme

    For the naysayers…… you can clearly see in the pic how the teacher is holding the phone under the table at a girls skirt. As for legal privacy standards, it doesn’t matter if you’re in public and not a private bathroom setting to determine privacy standards. Body parts concealed by clothing, even in public, is considered private. The teacher is a pedo!

  • Justin Thyme

    message to sickandtwisted who thinks simply erasing something from the phone actually works. I can pull up every deleted text or pic on your phone. You can buy programs that do it online. Deleting doesn’t make you not guilty.

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