‘Person of interest’ in Pierce County woman’s disappearance in jail on unrelated charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAHAM, Wash. -- The family of a missing woman is not giving up in the search for the mother of two.

28-year-old Nicole White was last seen eight days ago at a local bar with friends. The man who deputies say last saw her is now in jail on unrelated charges.

Police temporarily suspended their search Sunday to give the dogs some needed rest, but that did not stop her family and volunteers from looking for her.

"With all these people coming out they've lifted my spirits and make me feel strong about all of this," said Nicole's father Eddie Nieto.

Police say last Saturday Nicole met a man at Jeepers Bar in Spanaway. That was the last time anyone saw Nicole.

Her car was later found abandoned near Graham with the keys still in the igntion.

Police say Jonathan Harris was the last person seen with Nicole -- he is now in jail on charges unrelated to her disappearance. Harris has several criminal convictions including assault.

Neighbors say FBI agents searched his Graham home this weekend.

Investigaotors say they found firearms which are illegal for Harris to have because he is a felon. He remains at the Pierce County Jail while prosecutors consider an illegal weapons charge.

Even so, Nicole's father is not giving up on the search for his daughter.

"I know a lot of you are out there are just praying and supporting us in prayer, and that`s enough help to keep us going who do come here and volunteer," said Nieto.

Police plan to resume their search for Nicole sometime next week.

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  • 18b b4

    Theres only a few reasons the fbi and u.s. Marshals would be involved, and the one that makes the most sense is if you crossed state lines committing a crime or… you entered a federal installation like JBLM.

  • Janet

    It says the police plan to continue their search for her sometime next week. Is there any particular reason why they are not searching for her NOW? I would think something like this might take priority over speed traps.

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