Neighbor snaps photo of 2 police officers, posts to Facebook; ‘This is why I love Tacoma’

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policeTACOMA — A picture snapped of two Tacoma police officers made the rounds on social media Tuesday.

But against what recent media coverage might have you believe, the photo of the officers was not of something devastating. Quite the opposite, actually.

Tacoma resident Tara Scheidt posted the photo of the officers to to her page Monday night. The picture shows in-uniform police playing basketball with two young males in a neighborhood just south of the Tacoma Dome.

Scheidt explains:

“Yep, this just happened on my street tonight! There was a domestic violence call in the area and afterward these officers played a little basketball with the kids in the neighborhood. This is why I love Tacoma and this is why we are worlds apart from other police departments. Tacoma Police get the concept of community policing. It actually happens in neighborhoods like yours and mine.”

Scheidt tagged Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland, city council members and others. The post was quickly shared more than 50 times. Scheidt said it was amazing to see police play basketball with the kids, who were worried and nervous from the earlier disturbance in the neighborhood.

"They broke down that wall," Scheidt told Q13 FOX News. "All the kids were asking if they would come back and ride bikes."

Other residents chimed in on the comments section, saying the photo was just another example of one of the Pacific Northwest's most community oriented police forces in action.

"Love our TPD," Nona R. Carmichael said.

Some shared similar experiences they've had with Tacoma police.

"I remember walking past TPD officers working with a family last year and I actually got choked up and cried by how fabulous (it was)," Jessica Corey-Butler said. "(An) officer was talking with kid who probably was involved in bad things. The guy was engaging the kid, listening to the kid...just being a cool human for the kid to talk to."

Tacoma Police Spokesperson Loretta Cool said playing basketball with kids is just one of many ways officers interact with the community, even though it's not always featured in front page news stories.

"One of the things that we have been trying to do for years is when you see these opportunities to connect with kids, you sit down and do it," Cool said. "Take the time to ask how their day is. It makes an impression. It only takes a few seconds to impact a child's life."

While animosity against police officers seems to have increased nationally following high-profile incidents, Cool said, people in Tacoma will often stop Cool on the street to say the TPD is doing a great job.

"Nationally we are very aware of some of the sentiment toward officers," Cool said. "But in Tacoma, we've had overwhelming support that we're doing the right thing."

Scheidt agrees.

"Tacoma is a pretty cool place," Scheidt said. "Sometimes it gets a bad rap, but it's actually pretty cool."

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  • Darice Gamache

    My daughter went to the Tacoma schools and they have officers in the buildings. All of her experiences were extremely professionally and calmly dealt with the officers.. Like any normal school there were problems but they were handled in a way that left the majority satisfied with the actions taken.

  • BearTex3

    See this story proves that people live in a Effed up world. If this story would been about 2 cops pulling their guns or harassing these kids then the story would have been shared 50 million times. Instead these 2 cops took time to have a little fun with these kids shooting hoops and maybe having a conversation with them and just forgetting the problems in the world (just like cops used to be) and nobody cares. The story is shared 50 times. No drama. No shooting. No fighting. No harassment. No police chase. Etc. no on cares. People suck.

    Love the story

  • Love me some Tacoma

    Tacoma police get it. Tacoma still has bad pockets but I could share a ton of pictures where TPD officers are not afraid to show people that they are human too. All they want to do is serve and protect. They want to go home to their families at the end of their shift. Today 3 TPD officers were doing a check for safety and discovered a wanted homicide suspect. A scary situation that could have turned bad. He is now off the streets. Thanks TPD

  • aunti

    Tacoma can be pretty tough. In the last two decades it has come a long way forward from the way it used to be when there was a huge crime epidemic going on.

  • Barry

    If Tacoma PD is so great why is it they will not do anything about this crazy lady in our area who sleeps in what ever yard she feels like sleeping in and when it gets reported they say, well we don’t see her doing anything wrong so we can’t arrest her. I have made complaints about her and she is still doing what ever she wants.

  • Brian Lewis

    Good for TPD. Good on Q13 for promoting this. Bad on Q13 for minimizing other communities’ issues with police violence with the statement “But against what recent media coverage might have you believe.” Media did not compel NYPD to kill Eric Garner. Media did not compel North Charleston PD to shoot Walter Scott in the back. Media did not compel Cleveland PD to shoot 12 year old Tamir Rice. Media did none of these things, police did. Have some respect for the dead and wounded at the hands of police and stop trying to play it as something that is only important because the media is paying attention.

  • Steve

    Maybe I’m weird but I would rather them catch criminals than play hoops. Wish I could just play a game of bball in the middle of my work day.

    • Cindy Rudolph

      I think by getting involved with youth in the neighborhoods they patrol will help to deter crime in the future. This is something positive in the midst of so much negativity.

  • David Bunch

    Only in America is it considered a national news worthy event when our police officers AREN’T shooting people and behaving like normal people.

  • 03sv1g

    Tacoma officers have always been very helpful with problems in my neighborhood. Loretta Cool, on the other hand, is the most vile, worthless person I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Rude, insulting and just plain useless.

  • freewordz

    I wonder if TPD would have done this if the neighborhood was “bad”. You cannot down play the negative actions of police officers just because this officer was playing basketball with kids. It was good to see, however I’m not going to get ahead of myself just yet.

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