King County Metro Bus removes noisy announcement after passenger complaints

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KING COUNTY – The new messages heard on King County Metro bus systems asking riders to hold on in different languages, stay behind the yellow line and that illegal activities are recorded were pulled from buses Sunday evening after riders complained they were too frequent and too loud.

King County Metro  implemented the new public service announcements to improve safety of their customers.  The announcement were activated every time the bus door closed, or in cases of longer trips, every five minutes.

This proved to be too much and too loud for several passengers who took to social media over the weekend and complained.

Sunday evening, King County Metro  said in a release, “You heard our PSAs, and we heard from you” letting customers know their complaints had been heard.

They will be reassessing the volume, frequency and tone of the announcements before moving forward with implementing them again or any new ones.

Most buses will get the fix on Sunday, but they did warn that  a few that still have the announcements might make their way into Monday morning’s commute.

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  • Furrystoat (@Furrystoat)

    As if we needed more reasons to avoid public transportation. Not only are you trapped with no escape options inside a metal container along with ‘anything’ that can find the fare on the street, you’re subjected to loud, repetitive, condescending PSA’s by a management that assumes you’re an idiot.
    I’d rather walk.

  • Resident

    I’ve been on buses here with blaring announcements over the speakers. Its a case of some desk jockey and their boss decide something looks good on paper and have zero idea what it is like to experience it. And I sincerely doubt riders need a reminder in 17 different languages to hold on if they are standing on a moving bus.

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