Can I videotape my drug dealer neighbor for police and prosecutors?

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Q: I have a neighbor who’s a known drug dealer and his buyers leave their used drug paraphernalia on the streets for all to see. Is it legal for me to videotape all this and submit it to police for prosecution? – Robin

A: “Robin, that’s a good question. It is not illegal to videotape in this state but you can’t use audio recording, so if you’re going to take photos or do video of the neighbors and their illegal business, yes the police would like to see that and yes they could use it in prosecution if that were to go that far. So, what you don’t want to do though is let the neighbors see you doing that because we don’t want you hurt. Call the police, let them take care of it, but if you have picture or video evidence, absolutely that’s legal. You just can’t do the audio recording.” – Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer