Lawyers offer starkly different versions of what happened in Olympia shooting of 2 brothers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA -- Police officer Ryan Donald is under investigation for shooting brothers Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin after he stopped them over a possible theft attempt and, he said,  they attacked him with their skateboards.

“All he did was defend himself from serious bodily harm and possible death,” Saxon Rodgers, Donald's attorney, said Thursday.

Donald`s lawyer insists the officer faced a life-or-death situation when confronting the brothers on Cooper Point Road.

“Both individuals who were detained attacked the police officer seriously,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers added that he and his client were advised by detectives not to talk in detail about the case until the investigation is over. But he said his client tells him both brothers attacked him at the same time.

Investigators say Thompson and Chaplin were suspects in a shoplifting and possible assault at a Safeway store shortly before the shooting. Police say Donald spotted the brothers on Cooper Point Road and tried to question the suspects. The shooting happened after some type of altercation.

“He is frustrated that his side is not in the media because he is getting impugned,” Rodgers said of Donald.

On the other side, David Beninger, the lawyer for Thompson and Chaplin, said, “There is no evidence that we have been able to determine at this point, but we are still looking, that they ever attacked the officer.”

The brother's attorney says right now his clients are focused on their recovery as they wait for the investigation to wrap up.

“There are four or five bullet wounds in Bryson,” Beninger said.

He disclosed that Chaplin is currently paralyzed from the waist down while Thompson’s ribs were shattered by a bullet. And he asserts that the officer shot the men from behind.

“We know most of the shots were from the backside and in the back,” Beninger said.

But Donald`s attorney is asking the public not to jump to conclusions.

“Don`t act on non-information and false information. Wait until the whole investigation comes out, (then) you can form whatever opinion you choose,” Rodgers said.

The Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office will get the full investigation by the end of next week. They will have to decide whether any charges will be filed in this case.

The brothers' mom, Crystal Chaplin, told Q13 FOX News on Thursday that if there are any more protests on behalf of the brothers, she wants them to be peaceful.

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  • Fred

    How stupid it is to try to attack a cop, with anything. The moron’s got part of what they deserved. Perhaps it’s time to stop coddling dirt bags. Society deserves for people like them to be in jail.

    • ontheboat

      What part of did you not get? The police are following a SCRIPT on how they’ve played this. Funny how they “forgot’ to mention the officer sprayed the whole neighborhood with lead.

      • The Overman

        Yeah, just like everyone said Mike Brown was shot in the back. Give me a break. You thug-apologists want to blame everyone but the thug. Of course the thugs’ lawyer is going to say they were shot in the back. What’s surprising is that you actually believe him. We are now living in an upside down world where the crooks get the benefit of the doubt and the cops are treated like the crooks. Why can’t you idiots just wait for the full report and autopsy before you start whining?

        • ontheboat

          Why do you automatically believe the cop? Their statement should be HIGHLY SKEPTICALLY REGARDED.

          Tamir rice, and john crawford, remember those two? How bot the def woodcarver in seattle? Or the guy in south carolina? That cop flat out lied and murdered that guy.

          • ontheboat

            I don’t, but i inow a bad shoot when i see one. He should be fired just for having poor situational awareness and failing to ensure a safe background of his shots. THEN we can talk about how several bullets entered the backs of these men. And then maybe we can also have a discussion as to wtf oly doesn’t have body cams and why they omitted critical data and released sensitive info to taint a jury

          • The Overman

            Wow, you must be a clairvoyant. You know things that can’t possibly be known. Either that, or your a complete idiot. I’m leaning toward the latter.

          • ontheboat

            Cop shot a house. And apparently one of the guys ‘attacking’ him, didt with his back turned. Thats what we know. That and the fact that oly pd already radically mishandled this and we also know cops lie, a lot. Your childish name calling doesn’t change those known facts.

          • ontheboat

            No, that’s actually an assertion. You discount the latest public information because it doesn’t fit your narrative. But the odd thing is; your narrative itself is batshit.

            Shoplifting is not a capitol offense, no matter how much you WISH it were.

          • ontheboat

            So you’re like in charge of the idiots now? You said a thing; so therefore: fact? Read it on the net, it must be true. Who am i to argue with the self proclaimed king of the idiots. Thank you for your proclamation your majesty!

          • ontheboat

            Feel better now? Does my iq change the fact that the latest public info we have is from an officer of the court stating categorically that the men were shot in the back? I don’t have to believe it, but logic dictates you cant just discount that information either.

      • disgusted

        What medical records fix you look at? Right now it seems to be his word against theirs.

        God forbid we wait until actual evidence is supplied rather than the word of the attorney of persons seen on video attempting to steal and assault a grocery store employee.

        • ontheboat

          Yeah, cuz a third party that would be disbarred for lying is way less believable than the twitchy scared cop afraid of losing his job and maybe going to jail. Right?

        • The Overman

          Don’t waste your time arguing with OnTheBoat. He already “knows” it was a bad shoot and thinks the cop should be fired. He, or she, is either a kid, a flaming liberal, a thug, or an idiot. Or maybe all the above. :)

  • John

    This is a good example of media “spinning” .
    One suspect has 4 or 5 bullet wounds, apearently either doctors or lawyers can’t count very well. And if one of 4 or 5 bullets was in the back, this alone says nothing of the other 3 or 4 bullets.
    Seems like a case of this lawyer and an incompetent media want people to be believe all bullets were in the back but the way it’s worded makes it clear that only one is.

  • Wallus

    It would seem being in contact with police is the wrong time to start a conflict or do anything that would possibly result in a use of force. But hey, all the experience of people who have not got shot by the police doesn’t mean anything to some people.

  • "peety"

    why no body cameras Olympia? The cost of body cams is far less than this mess will cost you, and ultimately taxpayers.

    • Dallas Sullivan

      absolutely correct, but this debate is over and has already been won by those calling for the cameras. it’s just a matter of time everywhere.

  • The Overman

    Here’s a sure-fire way to not get shot by a cop. DON’T BE A CRIMINAL!!! Everyone of these casess reveals that the “poor, little innocent” black “victim” was, in fact, a career criminal. And yet all you can talk about is the behavior of the police. Give me a f#cking break!

  • Dallas Sullivan

    24 year olds who are still stealing beer are huge losers. sure, when you’re 19, it’s one thing. but after a few years of being legal age, if you’re stealing beer you’re a loser.

  • Dallas Sullivan

    the narcissism got these dummies shot. narcissism kills, wounds and paralyzes. they can redeem themselves by spending the rest of their lives mocking stupid losers who do the stupid things they did.

  • Dallas Sullivan

    i assume the parents were terrible here, right? or we can assume the two dummies were already drunk/wasted at the time of the event which i do believe functions as a mitigating factor to a degree but does not change the percentages of responsibility at all. 100% to 0%. 100% for the dummies who thought it was a good idea to be bullies and act like they hard by stealing beer from Safeway then getting shot by a cop. dummies dummies dummies dummies dummies. dummies. dummies. dummies. dummies.

  • Dallas Sullivan

    Older brother got his younger brother paralyzed. great job, bud. good life you lived. go ahead and lash out at the cop. that’ll fix things. certainly don’t take responsibility. that would be painful and maybe make you less proud of yourself.

  • Dallas Sullivan

    all the younger brothers of hard-guy wanna be gang bangers are victims. all the older brothers are victimizers even of their own family. colossal losers. why do you hate your own brother so much you are willing to lead him to a dead-end life of crime, violence, imprisonment or death? iz u stupid or just cowardly?

  • Dallas Sullivan

    people still arguing about how shoplifting is not a capital offense? lol. of course not. assault with intent to injure. and assault with a dangerous weapon might very well be when your intended victim is packing. that’s why it’s a bad idea. hth.

  • Dallas Sullivan

    yes, sometimes even black people are just huge holes who make horribly bad decisions which are potentially fatal to themselves or others. yep. even black lives make those sorts of mistakes.

  • Dallas Sullivan

    almost all violence is committed in an attempt to directly or indirectly impress another. violence is the tool of the moron who believes he can not otherwise compete. i say ‘he’ because the female cases are more obvious and blatant. it’s the male ones about which we start to think otherwise. we start to think it is more complicated when it is not. when you see the females, it’s obvious how they are trying to act like tough guys they have seen, or if they have the female option, the “crazy” female models they are emulating.

    that’s all it is. we’re all copying something or somebody at all times. choose your models wisely. they are 100% your choice, although perhaps the vastest majority are unaware of this power that they hold. your chosen models will in large part define your life. if your older brother’s kind of a tough guy d bag, then accept him, love him, and DO NOT EMULATE HIM. he will need you to help him in 20 years when he is paroled.

  • Dallas Sullivan

    i guess you can, if you want, begin to place responsibility on the younger child(ren) to make the better choices as they may yet be salvageable even if the older siblings are not. perhaps you can start to say things like, “it’s now your job to resist the bad influences in your family and by doing so, teach your older siblings a better way.”

    of course the family members will actively resist such a message so this has to be delivered in an underhanded, non-government-centric manner. ie. not in school. it’s just not appropriate to engage in this activity in a system that is being paid for by the individuals being criticized. you instead have to get this message across via privately funded charitable organizations and programs.

    of course the search for solutions can quickly become idealized and delusional, so we have to watch for that.

  • Frank Riggo

    Hey Sh!tboat you clearly know nothing about firearms by your comment of ” being shot in the back” I’ll explainto you how this can happen. Most likely the cop had a large caliber bullet in a semi automatic pistol. Think 45 apc. When he shot he most likely fired multiple shots in 1 or 2 seconds. A 45apc round is powerful enough to turn a man completly around on the first shot. Moreover when you shoot a criminal with a pistol you want to unload the whole mag. . These 2 jack offs got what they deserved hitting a cop with a skateboard. I just hope this cop spends a little more time at the range to improve his shot. #blackcrimematters #copslivesmatter #blackliesmatter