Public gets first look at Caitlyn Jenner’s new reality show, ‘I am Cait’ (VIDEO)

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NEW YORK  — Now that Bruce Jenner has revealed her new name, Caitlyn, the E! cable channel is promoting the name of her forthcoming reality show: “I Am Cait.”

The channel announced the show’s name on Wednesday morning — the latest in a series of carefully timed announcements surrounding Jenner’s gender transition.

E! also released a video trailer for the new series. In it, Jenner calls herself “the new normal.”

In synergistic style, E! rolled out the video on NBC’s “Today” show. Both E! and NBC are owned by Comcast.

The eight-episode show is premiering on July 26. E!, of course, has been in business with Jenner and his famous family for many years through “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and assorted spin-offs.

Executives at E! have sought to emphasize that they’re taking the responsibility of telling a transgender celebrity’s story seriously and sensitively.

At the same time, “I Am Cait” is another chance for both Jenner and E! to profit.

Brad Adgate, research director at Horizon Media, said he expects ad rates for the show to be about four times higher than typical prime time E! shows.

E! originally announced the series, without a title, back on April 24, the same day ABC aired a two-hour interview with Jenner. ABC’s Diane Sawyer even mentioned the E! series during the interview.

Cameras started rolling in May. But Jenner mostly stayed out of the public spotlight that month.

Monday’s release of Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover, with the headline “Call Me Caitlyn,” was the next triumphant step in her public transformation.

The cover photo was accompanied by an in-depth article by Vanity Fair writer Buzz Bissinger.

According to Bissinger, Jenner is confident that she has “full creative control” over the reality show because she is an executive producer of it.

But Jenner’s four children — Cassandra, Burt, Brandon, and Brody Jenner — have doubts, according to Bissinger, and they have chosen not to participate in the series.

Among other things, “They disagree with their father’s decision to use not only the same production company that made ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ but many of the same people, including several original executive producers,” he wrote.

Jenner told Bissinger that she was initially “terribly disappointed and terribly hurt,” but has come to accept the children’s decision.

Bissinger also interviewed the head of programming at E!, Jeff Olde, who said “I Am Cait” is “not at all a Kardashian spin-off” and that “we will not resort to spectacle.”

Olde, who is gay, also said, “This is so far beyond television, on a personal level. If I get one thing right in my professional career, it will be this.”

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  • Rainmetal

    So Bruce (that was HIS chosen name at the time of the accident) plows into the rear end of a car pushing it out into oncoming traffic killing the occupant cause he was tailgating, and he (now she) is still driving? Lets see, out for a leisurely day, towing expensive toys to play on, kill innocent bystander, get off without so much as a manslaughter charge. More privileges of the rich and famous. Love how everyone is focused on what parts he/she has instead of what he/she has recently done that led to the death of another innocent human. That is way more important than what sex he/she decides to be. Someone DIED and it is HIS fault. Maybe if Bruce/Caitlen was focusing on the road instead of his/her next reality show, or checking to see if his new junk is working, no one would have had to die. Damn this country is getting to be an embarrassment to the world. And BTW, I could care less what people identify with, its their own business.

    • tootietuttle

      people have really forgotten about this…but in reality, he can go to a women’s prison at worst case scenario, and still tape his tv show in the meantime.

  • tootietuttle

    this freak show gets the espy award over lauren hill. All for political correctness. YOu suck liberal slave ESPN.

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