Seattle issues city-wide curfew; Inslee activates National Guard

Police: At least 11 cellphones confiscated in sexting scandal in Bothell schools

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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BOTHELL -- A group of middle school boys is under investigation for allegedly encouraging a number of girls to send them nude photographs throughout the school year, police said.

On Friday, Bothell police received a call from the Northshore School District, alerting officers to a "sexting situation" involving a number of middle school students.

Police began their investigation at Canyon Park Junior High and Skyview Junior High in the district, and discovered several boys encouraged girls to sext photographs to their cellphones.

Detectives confiscated at least 11 cellphones and are conducting interviews, identifying suspects and victims and notifying parents. The case could ultimately be reviewed by the prosecutor's office, Bothell police said.

In Washington state, it is it illegal to, among other things, disseminate, possess, and view pictures of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.


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  • Rita

    Why is this article insinuating that the boys are suspects and the girls are victims. These girls are active participant’s and should also be suspects they sent the picture wilingly they were not forced they are not victims

    • BearTex3

      I agree. And this goes on in all schools that have kids that have smart phones. Even over here in Kitsap county. I have one in High School and Jr High and they have both told me that there have been kids that have done this. It is unfortunate that parents are either oblivious to these things or just flat out ignore the fact that their kids may do this. These are the same parents that will stare at you in the face with a stern look and say my kids would never do something like this or anything else that would get them in trouble. My kid is a perfect angel. Well as my mom used to say, The Devil was an Angel too. Parents you really need to wake the EFF up and take back over your kids lives and quit letting social media and electronics raise them. Unless you are ok with it and then by all means keep doing what you dont do in the first place.

    • mom of 6

      I do agree with you. What boy wouldn’t want to see pics of a girl, but to easily convince a girl to do it. And then her do it. The thought would be what is our young society being taught these days that this is ok. We need as the adult society that it’s not. Let’s go back to parenting basics. It is ok to punish, it’s ok to stop working and pay attention to our teens. Talk to them give them a place to come talk about their problems without consequences. I could go on and on.

  • Barbara

    Why on earth are the BOYS being charged here?
    Boy asks you to show your body. you CHOOSE to do so (and in our country, you are not allowed to take pics of your body if you are under 18, oddly). You send it. (illegal). the boys, who have no control over what you send, get charged. Their lives are ruined. welcome to the age of not holding our kids responsible for their own stupid decisions, and ruining someone else’s life in the process.

    • BearTex3

      It’s simple. In societies eyes teenage girls can do no wrong. And the parents those same girls who are sending pics of their nude bodies will claim that their little angels would never do this under their own free will so they must be victims of this whole incident because the boys influenced them to do it. New age of parenting

  • Disappointed

    Great, now we will have more registered young sex offenders just because teen boys have pictures on their phones. Girls probably won’t get in trouble, because you know, double standards. (Unlike the coincidence at Chinook Middle School, don’t know if both the boy and girl were charged, and are both sex offenders) Watch out teens, explore your sexual desires, and end up in jail. They do these things (sexting) all the damn time, all over the globe. Good freaking going Washington State/America, you probably just ruined these kids lives for good if you convict them.

  • ldrx62

    What I heard this morning on GMA abut this whole sexting thing is that some of the boys threatened to show the girls’ nude pictures if they didn’t send more. That falls into the area of blackmail witch complicates this case even more.

  • Student

    Hey, look, I myself am a student at Canyon Park JH school. And the media and all this focus is making everything much worse, not only for the students involved but for everyone else that attends my school. Even if a student misses one day, it always ends up a rumor that that student was involved, you can’t walk down any hallway without hearing someone talking about it. I agree that the boys should not be the “Bad” guys here, that the girls are defiantly at fault here as well, but saying “oh the boys will be boys, of course they want to see nude photos” is not okay, yes they are an adolescent, still. I was talking to my cousin about it the other day, and what she had to say I completely agree with, “Look, its simple, if a guy asks you for nudes, he obviously has NO respect for you, and if you send them, you have no respect for yourself” our school is also making it worse but pretending the problem isn’t there, and that it will go away. But all this media attention is putting a bad rep on my school, and on the students. Even yesterday, I went out and started talking to someone, she asked me what school I went to and I told her, Canyon Park JH. and she sat there quiet for a second, and the said “Oh. That’s nice” and walked away. This is what I’m talking about. The media is started to interfere with our learning, they started coming on our property and talking to students. I myself, am a teenage girl, and prior to what many people say, we can not get away with murder, girls at our school are getting bullied because the rumors that they were involved when they weren’t. And I see all this happening because I’m the quiet girl, a wallflower one might say. So look, both the girls and the guys were equally at fault, but all this attention and ect. is making EVERYTHING worse. so please people. common. imagine what it’s like at our school right now. And parents, please please PLEASE teach your kids right because the hell these kids are going through now is probably because they didn’t know any better, im not speaking for them, or standing up for them. The kids that were involved in this are the bullies to people like me. They don’t deserve to be stood up for. But you know what, kids not involved are getting hurt in the process. The “collateral damage” has been done. and I hope not to see anymore. but you never know. So all you people looking for trouble online, looking to start a fight, or something like that, please get a life, because my school and its students and staff just need to be left alone.

  • Elsa Kristian

    There has always been dumb, slutty and attention seeking girls in schools and predatory guys that take advantage of them. Sexting just allows them to be dumber, sluttier and get more attention. Both the foolish girls and manipulative boys should be punished. Not charged with felonies but something to teach them that this isn’t a joke and could have ramifications for the rest of their lives. Those girls have to learn to think for themselves and not be mindless sheep.

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