Seattle issues city-wide curfew; Inslee activates National Guard

Duggar parents prepare for interview following son’s jarring revelation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A photo of the Duggars from TLC's reality show "19 Kids and Counting."

NEW YORK  — The parents of the famous Duggar family will answer questions about the Josh Duggar molestation scandal in an interview on Fox News this week.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will speak with Fox anchor Megyn Kelly at their home in Arkansas, and the interview will air on Kelly’s 9 p.m. program on Wednesday, Fox announced on Saturday.

Josh Duggar and the other children on the family’s reality show “19 Kids and Counting” will apparently not be a part of the interview.

A representative for the family did not respond to a request for comment.

The wholesome family appeal of the Duggars was contradicted when In Touch Weekly reported last week that Josh Duggar molested several girls, including family members, when he was a teenager.

He subsequently issued an apology, which read in part, “Twelve years ago, as a young teenager I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends.”

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said in a Facebook post that they “were shocked” when Josh confessed to them about his wrongdoing.

Questions continue to swirl about the victims; about whether the parents responded appropriately to Josh’s actions; and whether the family members are hypocrites, given their publicly espoused views about purity.

“19 Kids and Counting” has been taken off TLC’s schedule, and it is unlikely that new seasons of the show will be produced. One source connected to the show said earlier this week, on condition of anonymity, “The show’s over.”

But TLC hasn’t said anything official about the show’s fate.

A spin-off series with some of the children is a possibility.

An interview by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may seek to tell their side of the story and make a future reality show more palatable.

In a blog post on Saturday, the parents said that through the interview, they’d “share our hearts with you about the pain that we walked through as a family twelve years ago, the tears we all shed and the forgiveness that was given.”

They added, “We appreciate the outpouring of love and prayers for our family at this time.”

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  • Gloria Fischer


  • Rose

    I have questions for the Duggars….To the Duggar parents, your molesting son was probably molested himself. That’s how molesters start. Was it by one of you? You did no service to your daughters. You probably guilt-ed your daughters to forgive him. What about the girl that wasn’t even yours? Did you tell her parents? Where was her justice? Did you con her parents too? You are as guilty as your son. Now I’m wondering if he is molesting his own children. Do you think The girls husbands will forgive this. They shouldn’t! The truth always comes out. I don’t believe the girls got proper counseling, if your definition of counseling was sending your son to do a job. That means the girls didn’t get counseling. Hypocrisy is your family values. Your son didn’t even kiss his wife before they were married…yet he took the girls innocence. The girls don’t have the privilege of being pure cause your son took it. Your standards of Christianity are a joke. You say y’all aren’t a perfect family…you never were a family. You didn’t protect your kids. You had so many kids that you couldn’t focus on the ones who truly suffered. Your son acted as their parent when y’all were having more kids and more kids and more kids. So not only did their brother molest them, but a parental figure did as well.

      • Katie

        No, it was educated guesses at most. Most of what they said can be verified too. Almost all of that is known. The Duggars are digusting chuld abuse apologists who use God as subterfuge for their bad acts and bigotry .

    • Sandra Hainey

      First off Josh didn’t take their innocence from them and the ones that aren’t married are still as pure as the driven snow. The only way to take someone’s innocence is by penetration and that didn’t happen. Jill and Jessa were still virgins when they married. Second: You don’t have to be molested to become a molester. I don’t know where you heard that from but your wrong. So for you to make accusations that either Jim Bob or Michelle molested Josh is wrong. You were right in saying that it has to start somewhere and it did. It started with Josh and not being taught how to control his raging hormones. All you people who think you know everything there is to know about child molesters you don’t know a thing about it. Do your research before going and throwing accusations that could possibly get someone in trouble for something they didn’t do.

      • Rita hillin

        You don’t have to pent rate anyone to take their innocene….the girls innocene was taken from them by touching them in their private areas…you can technically be a virgin but not innocent… oral sex can keep your hymen intact but not your innocence…..just think about it in how many ways your innocence can be taken away….

  • Romeo Jones

    This is not about whether God forgives all sins, he does. This is not about forgiveness, I am not the one who has to forgive but the victums and those that felt betrayed by the Family’s wholesome image which was just a lie. This is about a crime that went unpunished and a perpetrator who never recieved the “counseling”, if there is such a thing for child molestation and most importantly the victums who I imagine never recieved the proper counseling and support from the parents, who kept the predator in the home and did not act on the crime for at least a year. That is just disgusting and unforgiveable in my opinion.

  • Sassy Johansen

    I am sure they have the questions already and are asking their people to spin some savvy answers. What I wonder is why Josh, who is the catalyst for this debacle, isn’t going to say anything. The statute has run out. Having said all of this, I think this family is the biggest set of losers ever. And there will be more victims that are named eventually. Once a perv, always a perv.

  • Smarta100

    The bigger question….if this family was so intent on protecting their children….including Josh…why on Earth would you go on a reality TV show years after……. Once a public family….all bets are off that that info would remain forever silent….there was money to be had to leak the story…and anyone with any sense in that family should have kept their noses out of TV Land….had they not become famous…the family secrets would have never become national news or conversation…..

    • Carmen

      Josh took a job in DC, but in the show, they never mentioned exactly what it was he did. He was a lobbyist for a conservative family research group, and had the odasity to talk about homosexual morale. It is acceptable in modern day America to have a GLBT member in the family but it is criminal to have a pedophile teenager sleep under the same roof of his victims. Even if he is family. So it was all just a matter of time. The scandal is out. They must have expected it.

  • Mary

    There is no side to their story. They hid the molestation and then threw stones at others who live differently. If TLC brings back any Duggars show I will boycott TLC permanently.

    • Emily

      This is not about forgiveness of sin. This is about a male committing repeated molestation (a felony!) over a one year period, against his own sisters, and being protected from criminal consequences by all the males in his circle. His pastor was a mandated reporter. Did he report this? No. The state trooper was a mandated reporter? Did he report this? No. This was about protecting Josh Duggar at the expense of his sisters, and the person with the guilty conscience should be Jim Bob, who orchestrated this in a way that kept Josh out of trouble. They probably told their daughters that they somehow invited the molestation, because that’s what fundamentalists believe, that women cause men to sin. One of his victims was molested as she sat in his lap listening to him read her a book. If anyone can explain to me how she invited the molestation, I’m all ears. The whole family needs to be investigated and all the children need to be interviewed by child protective services, including Josh’s own children. I hate it but I believe this revelation is just the tip of the iceberg for this family. TLC really knows how to pick em, don’t they?

      • SueMart (@susiemartgirl)

        I agree with you Emily and there’s much more to this. There are politicians and a judge involved in this and no one is conducting an investigation. First thing should be for child protective services to interview all children. Second the pastors, parents, and police and anyone involve should be help accountable.

      • Carmen

        I also question the obligation of the mandated reporters in this scandal. The pastor, trooper, and the director of that Christian facility he was sent to in Little Rock. They must of gotten fired from their jobs. Michelle home schooled the kids. I guess she wasn’t a mandated reporter. .

        • Emily

          Apparently, Jim Bob lied to the trooper and said there was only one victim. There is also a law in Arkansas that says homeschooling can’t take place in a home where a sex offender lives. So it would seem that this coverup was about salvaging the family’s entire way of life, as well as Jim Bob’s political career. It’s very sad that mandated reporters failed to report, but we cannot blame this solely on them, because Jim Bob lied about the degree of severity and the number of victims. The brunt of the blame belongs to Jim Bob, because he knew what was happening and he chose to cover it up. Like Rosie Perez said today on the View, most of the time when children molest other children, it’s because they have been molested themselves. That’s why this whole family needs to be investigated.

          • Sandra Hainey

            The key word in what Rosie Perez said is “Most”. Most of the time when a child molester another child it’s because they have been molested themselves. I was molested but I never touched anyone. So like I told another that said the same thing, this started with Josh and ended with Josh. What most of you don’t realize is Josh was 14 at the time and his hormones were probably out of control like all 14 year old boys. Jim Bob probably never sat Jim down and explained the birds and the bees and probably never told him that he could be walking down the street and all of a sudden your going to get an election for no reason other than your hormones. He was never told how to control those hormones.

      • Tanya

        Do you really believe TLC had any idea when they chose the Duggars for a reality show, this is what would come out 10 years later? How do you know that the girls did not receive therapy? I also don’t understand why people are blaming Michele and Jim Bob? I suppose they did not teach him, or force him to do what he did, which nobody even knows the truth. Just because they believe in the Lord, or have strong faith, doesn’t mean that isn’t true because of a confused teenager. That also does not mean they are all liars either. I can imagine how that incident shook their faith as well. Nobody can put this on an entire family and a network. All families have their problems. I really wish people would just leave all of this alone. If it was such a big deal, why is it getting brought up now and not when it happened? Look at Michael Jackson, he fucked little boys all over the world, but that was okay? I mean seriously people!

        • shar57

          Yes Micheal Jackson did mess with little boys, but at least he was called into court when it came to light.
          Sadly he was found innocent and kind of went on with his life.
          That’s the difference between MJ and the dugger family, they are unlikely to be taken to court and sued, and unless one of his other victims presses charges HE WON’T be.
          The parents and other mandates of the court hopefully will have to face some legal issues.
          I’m a survivor of molestation and rape, step father. Stated when I was 3 didn’t come out till I was 13.
          I’m 57 now. The laws are much different. There were no guidelines on what to do even.
          My teachers knew, the police knew, 2 councilors and my pediatrician too…
          I was a good kid never a problem. But I was the one removed from the house and put into foster care.
          I was lucky, it was a wonderful family. But by the time I was 14, I was so hurt, so wounded so betrayed, I had to walk the wild side for a few yrs.
          Got counciling again in my 20s sobered up by 23. Did really great for 25 yrs. Would kind of do light counciling every 5 yrs or so, just to stay balanced and not get stuck in my brain. The last 5 years or so this has taken hold of my heart , head again. BIG TIME!
          I thought I was done with it. Thought I was ok as ok could be.
          I’m not.
          This is what people don’t understand. This monster doesnt go away, even if the perpetrator dies.
          It returns again and again.
          It pops up when u least expect it.
          The girls in the family did not get unbiased counciling. They were forced to forgive, because that’s what the parents and pastors told them to do.
          The non family members, probably from the same church, they didn’t get non biased help either.
          The whole things is just sad. All in the name of God.
          Gross! just gross!

          • maggie2

            I have spent all night on and off crying. Why am i so messed now after therapy of various times. I just want to die. I can only imagine what these girls have to deal with things.

    • Trish

      I am so sick to death having that radical “Christian ” family shoved in my face on TLC and media. They are hardly Christian with the sickening hypocritical way they live. TLC PLEASE TAKE THAT PATHETIC FAMILY OFF THE AIR FOR GOOD!!!!

  • myviewonly

    Excuse me! He is a 27 year old man, can he not speak for himself!?! Man up!! Jimbo and Dumbo need to stay home and mind their herd . Josh Duggar is the person who needs to take the hot seat and his mommy and daddy need to let him man up!!

    • Renee Bloggs

      Why on earth SHOULDN’T Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have the right of reply to their critics? THEY are ones being torn to shreds about the way they handled their then 14-year-old son’s transgressions. People like you and almost everyone else commenting here have closed minds. You are baying for Duggar blood, to take down those of the Christian faith. Maybe you should look for the log in your own eye before trying to find a speck in the eyes of others…

    • dc12180

      I think there doing the interview to more clear themselves and how they responded. It would give them a better chance of keeping their show

    • Janet Gutman

      Good point. Just let them dissappear. Start working and support your kids. What are the famous for!? Uneducated breeders, that’s about it.

  • lucy111760

    Has anyone here been a victim ? Well unfortunately I have . However Josh was under age and I truly believe he has changed . Throw him under the bus if you must . Will anger towards a changed person help ? No it only adds fuel to the fire and aids in keeping hate in ones heart . I’ve learned to move on and forgive . Its good for the soul . The Duggars are a good Christian family its not right to keep this kind of hate towards a family that 12 years ago faced this crisis . Must the public make them relive this ordeal over again? They obviously moved on as a family. I know I would not have wanted to be forced to relive mine over again . Please think about your words . Words that you’ll never be able to take back . WORDS HURT !

    • Josh Duggar babysitter extraordinaire.

      “Words” like josh duggar used to hurl from his bully pulpit? the family had some nerve criticizing others for how they lived, painting trans people as child molesters, crusading against same sex marriage all the while pretending to be the perfect, wholesome family. they deserve everything coming to them and more.

    • Standing Up for Others

      I’ve been a victim too. I was molested as a young child by one of the “big boys” in the neighbourhood. I was a child and so was he (around 14) but that didn’t lessen the pain I STILL live with every day. But at least my abuser isn’t out there every day talking about how OTHER people are deviants and dirty. His hypocrisy is over the top and, having never received proper counceling, there is the overwhelming likelihood that he will reoffend.
      If the parents had put a fraction of the concern and energy they put into covering this up, instead into their daughters recovery, it would show some remorse. Instead it’s all about covering their asses and protecting their brand. Those poor girls are last on their list of prioritys.

    • Becca

      Lucy, Thank you for your keen insight. Ongoing judgements and hate plus jumping the gun with
      more judgements against the Duggars is no answer. You have known pain in your life, and I admire your mature response.

  • Deb

    Leave the Duggars alone. Bring them back. There worse sins, like the sister wives, Bruce Jenner becoming a woman. The Duggars asked for forgiveness which I doubt the others do.

    • Standing Up for Others

      Oh they asked for forgiveness…than that makes everything ok. Do you think those children he molested had any choice in forgiving him? No way. Their parents brought their abuser back in the house and forced them to live with him regardless of how they felt. Do you really think they forgave him? If so, why wasn’t he in either of his sisters wedding parties?
      Multiple laws were broken, not just by Josh but also by his parents, his pastor and the state trooper who they talked to (by law the pastor and cop MUST report the abuse)
      Would you let him babysit your kids? An untreated molester is most likely to reoffend, and no amount of prayer will change that. Therapy would have helped but instead the Duggars felt that working for a friend remodelling houses was therapy enough.

    • ema

      I don’t get the fact that there are people who want this show to go on! Even if Josh and his parents have begged forgiveness, what about the girls! Since Josh didn’t receive the “appropriate” counseling, how do we know the girls received any at all and have they “forgiven” him. We haven’t heard from them. I can’t help but think even if they have forgiven him it is something they will never get over! This is about the girls. Whatever they have been dealing with privately now is out to the public! God is merciful and we need to pray for them!

    • Jennifer

      So repeatedly molesting children – no matter what age- when you are brought up to know right from wrong is forgiveable. Yet there is no human kindness or “forgiveness” for anyone gay, lesbian, transgender or different in any way? God forgives and loves all EXCEPT some? How can Gog “forgive” Josh but not anyone else? Not a religion I want to partake. My God loves all unconditionally.

    • dc12180

      I am a Duggar fan but saying that Bruce Jenners becoming a women is a bigger sin than molesting someone really makes you look ignorant. Really your comment made no sense… Just saying if you’re going to defend them at least say something intelligent that doesnt make us, the viewers look like a bunch of judgemental bigots

    • Carmen

      Sister wives like being polygamist. Bruce Jenner chooses to be a woman. They are adults. Josh prayed on sleeping little girls in his house. That was never consensual. Sick even for an adolescent

    • Willow Bassett

      You really believe that Jenner’s gender reassignment surgery is a worse sin than child molestation? Since I last checked, Jenner has not physically harmed other people by having surgery: only he is physically affected by it. The children who were physically and psychologically harmed by Josh’s actions, on the other hand, were clearly affected by his choices.

  • LAW495

    They are going to be “PREPAIRED” for sure…..because they know the questions, since the agreement of being interviewed…..this is NOT going to be interesting. Unfortunately. They are going to talk. And going to play victim. Covering they crime with God. I don’t want to see them any more on TV. EVER!

  • LAW495

    They are going to be “PREPARED” for sure…..because they know the questions, since the agreement of being interviewed…..this is NOT going to be interesting. Unfortunately. They are going to talk. And going to play victim. Covering they crime with God. I don’t want to see them any more on TV. EVER!

  • maisgar

    The issue I have with this family is; they come off as a pure ‘Christian’ family but they lied to everyone! They did not come forward and ‘do the right thing’ they were found out and that’s why they are now speaking about it not because they were HONEST, they clearly are not. They have treated their daughters as second class citizens only good for making babies…. Jim Bob and side kick – just go away!

  • annie

    I feel really bad for his sisters.i think that they are brainwashed by jimbob.what Josh did was wrong and a christian He can ask for doesn’t change the fact that phediphils.don’t change.change.studies have proven that the sicko urges don’t go wandering who else in that family has the same urges as Josh duggar.those girls should bitch slap Josh for what he th.they can forgive him but you never forget.iforget.i know been there.

  • Kelly Waters

    I might be able to forgive them if they did not try to dodge the system for 2 years
    The Duggars main goal was to protect the offender the Hell with the victims SHAME ON THEM
    Then use TLC to judge others who dont share their beliefs
    I cant forgive racist judgemental scum like the Duggars
    They have no right to judge anybody till they clean up their own backyard
    I THINK THEY OWE THE VIEWING PUBLIC A APOLOGIE for lying 2 us all this time and get the victims some help and stop protecting Josh

    • dc12180

      How did they use tlc to judge others? They never said anything against gay people or transgender people on the show? I watch the show and they were kinda misleading about their views. They actually sounded like non judgemental ppl that they may not agree with other peoples life choices but respected it. I was pretty disappointed to find out that that’s really not the case.

  • irma NYC

    My big issue right is withTLC, that in order to keep the ratings and the big monies $$$$ flowing they are willing to put anything under the rug. That is really sending us a very bad message. And the Duggars are willing to do anything even a fake interview that no one in their right mind cares about just to keep getting paid $$$$$ and receiving the extra perks as before. In my opinion TLC knew something they had to no if ir but’s. The Duggars trash the Gay community and other peoples way of life while they had bigger issues to worry about. All that shit about “side hugs and no kissing” was so ridiculous and now makes them look Stupid. And free your daughters to persue an EDUCATION & a CAREER if they chose to this us the 21 century treat them the same as your SONS GOD is OK with it you know that’s better than the SINS that you dealt with. For the record I don’t hate the Duggars or wish them bad. And Iam not Gay either. But the show has become the Get Pregnant show and now the competition is who will have 20 kids first Michelle, Ana; Jill or Jessa thats it. Having so many kid when the world is so overpopulated already but in the end her daughters run the house while the mom cocentrated on making sure she will hit the 20 kids mark.TLC stop this shit now.

  • irma NYC

    In my opinion FOX is the wrong Network to host this type of “orchestrated interview” because Fox channel is a conservative station so they are not impartial. They should have done the “drilling” at NPR or a station that will not cater to this type of behavior.

  • LT

    Figures – Fox News would provide them the platform. All I can say is – BIRDS OF A FEATHER!

    Daddy Duggar – I think you need to do some real soul searching cause the truth just might set you free!

  • Sally Smith

    Who cares what they say? No way are advertisers going to want their corporate name associated with the family of a self-confessed child molester.

  • Risa McAlister

    This Duggar Family makes Me SICK!!!! They already know All Questions that will be asked and their Attorneys have Already Prepared All of their Answers for them!!! Josh Duggar Committed a CRIME and So Did His Parents by Not even Reporting Anything for well Over a Year!!! WHAT ABOUT HIS VICTIMS???? This Duggar family has Been Hiding Behind The “Word Of GOD” for Years while Making Millions Of $$Dollars from TLC, Writing Books, Speaking Engagements, Etc. Totally PATHETIC!!!!!! Absolutely PATHETIC!!! Such HYPOCRITES!! They Preached “No Kissing Before Marriage” and “Side Hugs” Only, All while Their Very Own Son was Molesting His Own Sisters and a Friend of the Family!!!??? This Family Disgusts Me!!!! #WhatAboutTheVictims

    • Trish

      It seems the only career these girls want is getting pregnant right after they’re married. A couple of the girls call themselves a midwife after taking a couple classes . It takes going to college to become a midwife. Helping their sisters and sister-in-laws give birth and “praying ” everything goes right does not qualify as being a medically trained professional midwife.

      • Emily

        It’s sad that they do not encourage real education. Reading the police report, most of the children cited their favorite subject as spelling, and their least favorite subject as math. They were middle school age at the time they were asked. Their mother, who married at age 17 and did not go to college, was their teacher. Can you imagine learning math (or science or literature or ANYTHING academic) from someone who did not go to college? We didn’t even have spelling at the middle school level, so it’s appalling to think about what and how homeschool children are being taught. My favorite subject in middle school would probably be spelling too if an uneducated person had been my teacher. Sad.

        • Barb

          OMG, you have got to be kidding. You are showing your ignorance. Homeschoolers have so much access to teaching materials and on-line programs, that what you are saying is just amazingly ignorant. Before you comment on a subject like homeschooling, you need to do your homework. Her level of education does not hinder her ability at all. Number one because she loves her students, and she has a vested interested in them. She will do whatever it takes to help them succeed. Number two, the resources available to her to help her succeed are endless. This includes teachers and individuals outside the family that can be resourced if necessary. College doesn’t make you smart, Emily, living life, gathering life skills and common sense do. None of which you will receive in college. There is more to education then reading a textbook.
          As far as subjects go, it is very common for children to say spelling or reading is their favorite subjects. It is also very common for children not to choose math or science. My children would have said spelling is not their favorite subject. You are reading way too much into the choices of these children and insulting a women because she chose a different life style and chose staying home instead of pursuing a college education. That’s pretty elitist of you, isn’t it.

  • Margot Price

    Before taking out The Duggars, take out that Medium or that biggamist with 5 wives, who knows maybe he does the same thing. Who are we to judge. He admitted, that is a sign of healing. Me too I was abused, I forgave the people that did it to me. Was put in foster home and kept on until I was 18. I turned to Jesus, that is why I forgave them all.

  • caramel 15

    I don’t understand why the media waited so long to bring this issue to light,you’re just putting both the victims and their families through pain all over again.The families should talk things over and solve their problems,their own way,and this doesn’t make the family Hippocrates, it means their also human,the last time I checked nobody is perfect. May God see them through.

  • Barb

    What is wrong with you people. Don’t you think this was devastating for this family at the time it happened, especially because they are trying to live the high standards of a Christian life. These parents dealt with it head on and tried to put it behind them and move on, which is what should have happened. I guarantee everyone of you has done something wrong in your life, that you are not proud of. Some of you have things that are protected in juvenile records that you would not like brought out in your current life. Remember, the law was also involved here and obviously they didn’t feel it was necessary to prosecute him. Probably some kind of counseling was involved. Punishing the whole family because of the mistake of one member is ridiculous, not to mention the fact that he has obviously changed his life for the better. Have you ever thought at all about the possibility that maybe he was a victim himself and in turn acted out what happened to him. This happens in a lot of cases. Irregardless of that fact, what about the cop who committed a crime by releasing his juvenile records to a tabloid. She clearly violated the law and for no other reason, but to do damage to the Duggar family. Maybe they should look into her background and check out her motives. If the law doesn’t prosecute her as they should, certainly she opens herself up to a civil law suit. No one condones molesting, certainly not me, as a victim of such, but what I see as the bottom line here, is all you hate mongers and Christian haters rubbing your little hands together just because you found a family trying to live a clean life, that was not perfect. Christians are not perfect and don’t claim to be. They do try to live a good clean life, many times struggling with the same struggles everyone else does. The difference is they work at it and they know where they are going when this life is over.

    • Carmen

      Ok, that’s good and dandy for the Duggars, but what makes them an exception to the law. And why can’t the rest of us mortals deal with criminal family issues the same way.? They are making money portraying their Christian family beliefs and leaving out that criminal aspect in their lives. Then Josh gets a job where he can degrade the LGBT Community and get enough pay to support his own big family. That is hypocrisy. That is what angers the commoners Luke myself. I am a mandated reporter, and I don’t know about Arkansas, but in California, I would loose my job immediately, if I was aware of such incident and not report it. Thank you Oprah.

      • L Saulnier

        Has anyone here been a victim ? Well unfortunately I have . However Josh was under age and I truly believe he has changed . Throw him under the bus if you must . Will anger towards a changed person help ? No it only adds fuel to the fire and aids in keeping hate in ones heart . I’ve learned to move on and forgive . Its good for the soul . The Duggars are a good Christian family its not right to keep this kind of hate towards a family that 12 years ago faced this crisis . Must the public make them relive this ordeal over again? They obviously moved on as a family. I know I would not have wanted to be forced to relive mine over again . Please think about your words . Words that you’ll never be able to take back . WORDS HURT !

    • A J Wrigglesworth

      First of all it was the police chief who gave out the “Records”. They were not sealed records as there was no charge laid or conviction late at the time. In reality they were actually a police report which were acquired legally under the freedom of information act.

      • Barb

        Ok, then if that is the case, it is terribly unethical to do this. What other purpose would there possibly be but to
        embarress and do harm to this family. That is uncalled for and evil, just plain evil on her part. Absolutely no excuses for her!!!!! I guarantee she has an agenda that we won’t get into!

  • Barb

    All that is being done by outing this crap, is making the victims live through it all again. This is more devastating for the victims now then the molestation. How many of you would like to have this brought out and publicly debated by millions of people. Not to mention all the hate expressed by many.

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