Rapper who ridiculed rival gang for not knowing ‘how to shoot’ is shot dead

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — Chicago rapper Shaquon “Young Pappy” Thomas posted a video a week ago in which he made fun of a rival gang, rapping at one point, “You don’t even know how to shoot.”

On Friday, Thomas, 20, was shot dead about a block from where he recorded that video in the Uptown neighborhood, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The newspaper said it’s an area where three street gangs — the Conservative Vice Lords, the Gangster Disciples and the Black P Stones — have been feuding.

Police said Thomas as a Gangster Disciple, the Tribune reported.

At about 1:35 a.m. Friday, he was walking with a friend in the neighborhood when a gunman walked up behind and started shooting. Thomas was hit twice in the back and pronounced dead at the hospital.

The Tribune said it was at least the third time that someone had tried to kill Thomas in the past year and a half. The other two times, innocent bystanders died.



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    • slope

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    • Sosaa

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    • John walker

      You a hoe ass bitch you talking on my nigga like you knew him. On my mom’s you can see me n that goes for anybody talking down on pappy. If that was ur friend or something you would not be saying shit. Fuck yall bitch ass niggas talking down on him

  • Frank D.

    As a White guy I just don’t understand the Black mind thought or culture. Seems to me the Black community considers life very cheap to take it a life on a impulse. Black lives don’t matter in their communities.


      You realize that not every black person is a rapper and that not every black person lives like a gangster, right?….Or are you a toothless, meth cooking, trailer park living redneck like the one I saw on TV? No?? Wow….it’s like people of the same color are actually individuals or something….

      • Doesnt matter

        I think his point is, god damned if some punk kid robs a store assults an officer and gets shot. But if its just another black on black crime no one gives a shit.

  • Osiris from Religence.org

    ..So someone comments that this is “the first story I’ve read today that made me smile”….Well the story also mentioned that in the past year & a half, 2 innocent by-standers were also killed…..Glad that makes u smile. As far as jesse jack & al the rat sharpton…These mere talking heads & nomore than puppets on the globalists strings & do not have black interests @ heart…they 4 the most part are selfish, egotistical…& provocateurs of racial tensions…Farrakhan would do a better job…
    .Popeyes left a comment using the “N-word”, yes with the e-r on the end, which during our sensitive times is like taking a step backwards… Story only mentioned he was in a gang & a rapper….What would u call the white fella in Colorado who gunned down scores in a movie theater ? …

  • Osiris from Religence.org

    Furthermore, to understand the modern “Black” culture ..check out the willie lynch letters….& remember there’s a war for your mind…..We must Be of more concern with the T.P.P..,Jade helm & the patriot act (June 1st)…..Increase the peace….

  • dg54321

    These kids are proof of what happens when you don’t have the parents in the picture. People that don’t have family will seek another one. Gangs are always willing to take in another person for cannon fodder, with the promise of “protection”.

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