Dutch man predicted 8.8 magnitude earthquake would hit California May 28

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SACRAMENTO -- A Dutch man is telling Californians to be prepared.

In a video posted to YouTube and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, Frank Hoogerbeets predicts the planets will align Thursday and at 4 p.m. PT, an 8.8+ magnitude earthquake will rattle the western shore of the United States.

"I believe I know when exactly it is going to be. I hope I am wrong," Hoogerbeets told KTXL Wednesday, adding that he has no science degree but is an enthusiast.

"It really comes together May 28, 2015," he said in the video.

But seismologists say there is no way to predict the time and date of an earthquake. Regardless, the staff at the Sacramento Office of Emergency Services says they're ready.

"We are always prepared for an earthquake [and all other disasters]," Mary Jo Flynn said.

Flynn said the staff at OES were not aware of the viral video.

"I trust the science from the [USGS] scientists we work with," she said.

Still, what if there is a sliver of possibility that Hoogerbeets is right?

Hoogerbeets claims he came within two days of predicting the Nepal earthquake, which killed nearly 8,800 people last month. An unedited Facebook post on his profile confirms he did predict an earthquake that same week.

The USGS estimated in March 2015 that there is a 7 percent chance of an 8.0 magnitude earthquake occurring in the next 30 years in California.

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  • chaz

    Well he was right and wrong at the same time….Right in the sense of, The aligning of planets has something do do with our planet and the magnetic pull through space. Dated back years you can track earth quakes and on those so called “earth dates” when the planets are aligned…something seems to happen on our planet. Whether its volcanoes, tsunami’s , Earthquakes , Bad weather , Even underground pipes bursting spilling oil…that happened not too long ago..but something definitely seems to happen ….May be something to keep an eye on in the future seeing as there still is a 7% percent chance of anything in that area…..all it takes is that %1 and everything will change……(there’s my pun for the month. loll)

    • KMC

      Here is something to consider…earthquakes, bad weather, yada yada, happen all the time on Earth without any special alignment. Don’t place proof on an alignment when the moment on this planet when there ISNT bad weather somewhere at some place is small. If a planet alignment doesn’t even effect our tides, then why would it cause an earthquake. I’ve never heard “this tide will be off due the planetary alignment today”. Have you?

  • EdwardAPeak

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