Feds: State Auditor Troy Kelley paid more than $900,000 in stolen money to law firm

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley (Q13 FOX photo)

SEATTLE (AP) — Federal prosecutors say indicted Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley paid more than $900,000 in stolen money to his high-priced law firm.

They want a judge to determine whether that creates a conflict of interest for his attorney.

In a motion filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, they asked Judge Ronald Leighton to examine whether attorney Mark Bartlett has a conflict of interest in representing Kelley.

Bartlett is a former senior federal prosecutor who is now with the firm of Davis Wright Tremaine.

Kelley is on leave from his state job as he fights a criminal indictment alleging he stole money from clients of his former business, a real estate services firm, and evaded taxes.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle says that in March, after Kelley was told he was likely to be indicted, he transferred $447,000 to the IRS and $908,000 to Davis Wright Tremaine.

Law firms sometimes hold contested funds without spending them, pending a case’s outcome.

Bartlett said Tuesday night he had no comment.


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  • tootietuttle

    seems to be a string of unethical behavior by dems in this state, getting caught in the act and then flaunting it in the face of voters…aaron reardon, marko liias, and now troy kelley…and we still vote for them!

  • Tattooed_Angel

    This a story line on the “Breaking Bad” spinoff show “Better Call Saul”! Well, pretty close! Show story line: County treasurer Craig Kettleman and his wife steal $1.6 mil and use some of the money as a “retainer” (essentially a bribe) to their lawyer.

  • EdwardAPeak

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